Hi Yvonne, I was unable to listen in on your dream interpretation show because of work but shared your post within my group so that others could. Breana shared the lightbody activation mediation with me and I just want to tell you that is very generous of you to share that with us at no cost. It was very beautiful and empowering to “know” we have our lightbodies now and can go back to keep it shining bright when we want to. I loved what you said about the auditorium/stadium as I have read about this in the book about Billy Fingers and also Journey of Souls by Michael Newton. I do believe we go there before coming to earth to what is called “recognition class.” I touch on this a little in my book. I do have to tell you as you were talking I saw your face up close and personal as  if I was to remember you. I am a firm believer that all who come into our path are supposed to. I now see during my journey these past three years the roles that others have played to assist me in the next leg of my journey. Some only come in for a brief time and then go but I can figure out just what part they played. So very interesting when we see with clearer eyes and an open heart. Thank you for assisting me and all of us as we walk ourselves back home waking up more and more out of our slumber. Life is just fascinating to me now and I simply love every thing and everyone. Thank you so much again 🙂
Love and light,

Sheila Jenkins on Light Body Activation