Thank Yvonne for allowing Don to share this gift with me! 🙂
My experience was wonderful as I lay with my eyes closed and listened to your calming voice, allowing your voice to guide me into Light Body Activation. I felt a deep sense of peace and as I flew higher and higher I felt very light headed. I opened my eyes briefly and became dizzier but not in an unpleasant way. My head just felt very light. I felt close to my father when I was moving higher through the clouds and then into the universe, although I could only feel him near me, but did not see him. I felt a soft warm grip only around my thumb on my left hand, and this remained for awhile but I did not notice when it stopped. Soon after that gripping feeling began though, I felt tingling in my hands and on my face, and the pain in my shoulders seemed to fade away, but started to tingle as well. This lasted throughout and eventually the tingling turned into an internal humming sensation mostly in my chest and throat all the way to the end of the meditation. At times my mind would drift, but I was able to go back and focus. At the moment I only feel peaceful and loving, and my body feels warmth along the back of my head and nape of my neck. This meditation for me was perfect in every way. Your voice was soothing and almost hypnotic, the sound of the soft music helped to add to my feeling of floating and flying. At one point I could not feel my bed under me until the music ended and your voice quietly said it could now be turned off. The presentation in each part of the meditation…first the breathing in of light and then letting go, made me feel completely relaxed and happy…then with the light in me as I flew up higher and higher, I felt like nothing could harm me, it felt safe…the tube of light that carried me down felt safe as well…and at this moment I do feel different, in a way that is difficult to describe, but it is a comfortable feeling. There is nothing I would suggest to change in this presentation. Even though there were times when you would stumble over words or seemed to pause trying to find the right word to use, it was not disruptive to me, as it sounded natural and not rehearsed.
Thank you for this! Love and light to you always!

Time: August 10, 2016 at 5:39 am

Laura A. Valdes-Borsum On Light Body Activation