Akashic Records Reading

If you send me your full birth name, married name, birthdate, and current location, I will, with full permission from the Akashic protectors, my Ascended Master, and your guides, tap into your energy and give you a reading of past lives, messages from your guides, Angels, loved ones, and teachers all via email.



With the Akashic Records Reading. I will tap into your timeline, and email you a report of what I see, most significant in helping you understand who you are now. Who you’ve been in the past, and where you are heading towards while giving you insight of why you chose this life. It’s like fitting another piece of a puzzle into your life puzzle helping you figure out YOU.

Dream Interpretation

To know yourself is to know why you dream the random weird stuff, you dream. Dreaming is your Soul’s language by using your left brain data base, to send you a spiritual message, to feed your Soul. If you don’t use this language, you will loose it. I will help you decipher your message from your Soul


If you do not mind me sharing your dream interpretation on my Social Media, (anonymously) then I will interpret your dream for free. Please go to my FaceBook “Y Do We Dream? page to submit your dream, or click here: Y Do We Dream?

Light Body Activation

In order to travel to other dimensions, planes, levels, or to meet your original ancestors, we need to activate your Light Body, also known as the Merkaba. In this session, you will activate your travel body to go visit Angels, Guides, Loved Ones who passed on, or your original ancestors to travel at the speed of light.


Know that The Light Body Activation is a very personal experience geared towards your Soul’s needs but a recorded version of the activation is also available, to you for free, if you order any other service. Just remember to ask me to give you the code.

Soul Conversation

With a Soul Conversation, you give me a minimum of 5 and up to 10 questions, you want to ask your Soul, under hypnosis. While under hypnosis, you will go to a past life, meet your guides, then I will ask your Soul permission to come forward, so we could get answers for your questions. If your Soul agrees, I will ask the questions. In a few cases the Soul remained quiet, and if it does, you will at least experience meeting your guides, or a past life.


I am always so in awe when speaking to another Soul, that my own Soul will come out to ask you your questions. Please do not be alarmed when my own voice deepens as my Soul has a strong presence. In some cases the Soul will either have a loud voice or a very soft voice. For this reason, I prefer if we record your session so you can replay your answers.

Past Life Regression and Forward Progression

In order to know where you are heading, it is best to know where you are from. A past life regression with me, usually takes an hour to two hours of your time but when the session is over, your understanding of using your right side of your brain, will be enhanced. I include techniques you could use later on yourself to discover more of you. Knowing who you were in a past life is adding one more piece of the puzzle of who you are, then, to go forward to see where you are heading...


In this session, we will go explore as many past or forward lives as I get guided to take you to, from your Soul, guides, teachers, and masters. They are forever protecting you, even helping me to guide you were you are needed to go ‘to know’ why your are here now. This is by far my most enjoyable moments in life, to take you to go meet YOU!

Life Reading

Here, I tap into your energy with permission from your guides to look at your time line, to know where you are heading. I ask permission to briefly look into your past lives, of how you have lived to see where you are heading. I will however, focus more on your now, and future, rather than your past. How will we know where you are heading, if we don’t know your most significant past lives? Your energy DNA structure, will have all the answers, and begin to show us the possibility of where you are heading, with enough answers and the reason why you are here in this life time. This reading require a bit more effort, as it is an Akashic Records Reading, and as beneficial as a personal session is with me, but not in person. The Life Reading, is now only available via email, as it take at least 48 hours to ensure I get as much information from your guides, archangels, masters, and teachers, especially loved-ones who passed on.


The Life Reading takes time, as I give Spirit 48 hours to communicate with me on your behalf with dreams, visions, visitations, and during meditation. In most cases, I prefer to ask for the specific name of who you want to communicate with in Spirit, only to ensure I tap into, and allow the right person to come through for you. I am extremely well protected, and if I have the names of your Loved Ones in advance, it is easier to allow them access to come visit me for you. In some cases, I might even include names of your guides, spirit animals, signs to look for in the future, that will show up for you to validate Spirit.

Finally, if my time spent with your entourage in Spirit will allow, I might include a 3 card reading with pictures and a description as Spirit guides me, to guide you, to your past, your future, and your now.

Any Questions? Ask away…


“I was at a point in my life where I had everything I thought I wanted, I achieved everything I set out to achieve, and yet there was this profound feeling of emptiness that I couldn’t shake.  I didn’t know how to love myself; and I definitely didn’t know how to accept love from others. …


Yvonne is one the most authentic and very graceful women I have ever known, she is literally personification of Divine love and is blessed with such deep understanding of how life operates through the unseen, inconceivable aspects of Divine play . Much of it is only possible when one is a sincere, committed and disciplined…

Amazon Customer

On “See The Gift Not The Curse,” ~ “This book has opened my eyes in so very many ways. Where I was thinking so negatively in different ways. I don’t any longer. Now I just relax and breathe and realize that all things happen for a reason. That most of which are from the path…

Amazon Customer

On “See The Gift, Not The Curse,” ~ Yvonne is so inspiring. Her journey brought me to the understanding that I am way more than I realized. Perfect!

Amazon Customer

Yvonne, thank you so much for sharing this. My body feels heavy of relaxation but so light at the same time. I’ve been covered with goosebumps this entire 35 minutes and touched so deeply to my core. I can’t tell you how much I needed this on all levels. Before I was even aware of…

Breana on Light Body Activation

Although we have extremely different backgrounds I found Yvonne to be very relatable. She felt as if she was cursed due to some of her life experiences, even though they were different situations at times I felt as if I was reading about myself. She had inspired me to find my own gifts and stop…

C ~ FL

“I have met many people with different supernatural abilities and I must say Yvonne has been the most gifted person I have crossed paths with in my life. She has a way about her that makes you feel completely comfortable (which isn’t an easy task for others with me). Her sixth sense helps her get…


“I want to make a shout out to Yvonne. This woman is one of the most inspiring people I have ever known. Life just courses through her and you can feel the love and light just radiating off of her when she enters the room. I miss her dearly and am so blessed to have…

Derek Critzer

Very well done. Recording quality is clear, professional, background music is appropriate. Your voice is clear, strong, expresses compassion, knowing, wisdom… Similar to guided meditations I have experienced at Hoffman, powerful. Your voice is easy to listen to. Your differentiates you from some channels who are difficult to listen to. I felt the energy moving…

Don White On Light Body Activation

On “See the Gift not the Curse,” Brave and profound, this book has a lot to teach us about coming into oneness with our soul. It certainly put many pieces together for me and helped me to understand how my soul communicates with me in my dreams. Also, that I am not alone and having…

G. Ward

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