Back In The System

For those who know me well, and who follow me on Facebook, will know, that a few months ago, I stepped back into the system, by accepting a Flight Attendant position for American Airlines. One of our nation’s biggest systems. This time, with a different attitude.
No more, will I feel trapped in a prison of a society, who I believed, enslaved us. All I did, was changed my mind. I changed the way I think about life! Yes, I simply changed my mind.
I still see the system for what it is, and I know alone, I cannot change the system, but I can bring my light to the system. To, in my own small way, love the system, and those around me, to be free, while still in a system, until all of humanity, can be set free, from a stressful, work hard, die hard, fighting, of who is right and who is wrong, mentality.
When I felt I was loosing this “battle” to bring love and light to a dark world, I retracted from the world. But my Higher Self insisted I move forward, by seeing the Small Self for her personality, within a system created by a collective of “Small Selfs,” until we can re-create, as a collective, from our TRUE SELFs. Then only, will the system change.
We all created this current system from man’s history, so it is only us, as humans, who can change it. When we realize that everything around us, was named by us. The tree became a book, a bed, a shelter, but before it was a tree, it was a cell, then a seed, and before it was a cell, it was an energy. That energy is US, is our SOURCE!
That is why we hear the words, “We are ALL ONE!” but never truly comprehend that we are ONE. Interconnected, by that first energy, of thought, who became the word, who became the cell, into a seed of creation. We are ALL energy, who were all cells, who became seeds, just like the trees, the birds, the winds, the oceans, who we, so named, by our history.
Once we realize, we are the creators, by our thoughts, then our words, into deeds, will we be able to re-create a system self sustainable for ALL. Think about it! Every single thing around us, was a thought before, by someone else, even this Earth, who was a thought, of our beloved Source.
Let’s change our thoughts, about ALL we “think” we know, so we can change our history.

Yvonne Cloete ~ YseeU

At first, I considered every single thing that happened in my life as a curse. I saw it as me being punished for “something” because I felt “not good enough,” abandoned and not loved. I was in a constant state of separation, of loneliness, of fear of what others would think of me. I gave more and more of myself, being who they wanted me to be for them, so they would love me, and not abandon me. With the help from many teachers, guides and loved ones in the natural and in spiritual form, I began to take a serious look at what I was thinking and internalizing which kept me in an external reality of prison, misery, pain and suffering. I began to realize that everything I thought was a curse, was indeed a gift and misery changed to freedom, peace, joy, and love mostly for myself. I share my most intimate journey with you so you could see freedom and love for yourself is possible, once you know how.-Yvonne Cloete Ph.D. (abd).

The Multifaceted Beings That We Are.

As humans, society ensured we only educate and medicate the left side of our brains, forcing us to neglect, fear, even eradicate. the abilities to use our right brains. We know that if someone had a stroke, and their left side is paralyzed, the right brain got the blood clot, and so when the right side is paralyzed, then the left brain is injured.

This crossed over phenomenon, I blogged about many times, and will continue to do so, until we can realize how out of balance we are, and learn, seek, or educate, the right side of our brains, the same way we have been with the left.

Being a right hand majority, regardless of race, culture, or religion, clearly show, how humanity is left brain orientated, with only a 10 percent of lefties. Earlier years, in our school systems, children were forced to write with their right hands, if they were left handed. I, myself am left handed, plus one of my brothers, while one of my older sister’s, were forced to use her right hand, when the teacher noticed her inclination. An indication of control to deliberately stop the free use of the right side of the brain. Why, you may ask?

Because, we have 12 strains of DNA, and was forced to only use 2, when science named the other 10, as junk DNA. But again, why? So that we must not begin to know, the multifaceted beings that we truly are!

You see, we have many bodies. In fact, I can name 10. Those linked to our left brain, connected to our first 5 senses, are all starting from within our physical body. Those grouped with the physical, is the mental body, the pain body, the emotional body, and astral body, keeping us close to Mother Earth. The spiritual body, is the first of the sixth sense, where the energetic body is linked to the right brain, where you will also find the light body, the etheric body, and the angelic body.

Yes, multifaceted being that you are, you also have an angelic body because as you go from the small micro cell up to the macro, all the tiny little bits of you, eventually become bigger and taller, to ultimately make you one with the Source, the macrocosm. Hence the believe that we are all one, and why I insist, you are in me, as I am in you!

If only we can begin to believe that we are more than just our physical body, (all that we can see, touch, hear, taste, and smell), and that we have other senses too, will we begin to explore more of who we are. How do we do that? By going inward.

Meditation is a good start, but hypnotherapy can excelerate your ability to explore other facets of you, especially past life regression, because how will you know where you are heading, if you do not know where you are from?

Let’s also educate those right brains with more art, music, dance, being in nature, so we can become the balanced beings we are meant to be. This is the New Human for the new awakened Earth. Knowing, that we are more than just our physical body but that we also have an energetic body.

This energetic body can heal itself from any disease because all the bodies who reside with the energetic body, are on a higher frequency level, and will have dominion over the lower vibratory bodies. So, begin to educate yourself on how to go into one of your other bodies to start the process of healing. If one of us succeed, this opens a possibility for others to do the same, and as we reach that critical point of mass, all will be healed. This is also called the Hundreth Monkey Effect, so you can go research more about it.

I have also recorded a Light Body Activation a few years ago, if you want to explore more on this, go to and the password is Love.


Spirit is Always Listening

Join us to learn how to tap into the guidance from Spirit that is always there for you…

We are hosting, psychic and medium,  Uma Alexandra Beepat.

Uma Alexandra Beepat is an inspirational speaker, spiritual teacher, spirit communicator and published author of “The Awakened Life”. She is also the owner of Lotus Wellness Center LLC, a holistic wellness studio located in Manassas, VA.

Uma practices as a Psychic Medium, Intuitive Tarot Reader and Spiritual Life Coach. She is the creator of the Lotus Energy Balancing Technique™ and several, unique spiritual development workshops and mentorship programs.

Uma’s belief is in the power of self-healing and analysis. She empowers clients and students to seek the truth for themselves and mentors them to achieve freedom from the world to stand in their authenticity. If you miss it, just go to and click on Replays.


Radio Show is Back!

Thriving in The Midst of Change

How To Thrive When Facing Life’s Challenges

Don, (my show producer) and I, will discuss aspects of how to thrive when life offers challenges in the midst of so much change surrounding us. We will touch base on: The chaos around our lives, weather, politics, disease etc. How to find balance, enhancing peace-of-mind, finding calm during any storm, realizing true happiness, reducing stress, etc.
Aspects of my book, “See The Gift Not The Curse” will be discussed using examples.
During our most challenging experiences, there is a gift, if we choose to see it.
“When we hurt the most, we grow the most.” We will engage in answering questions from listeners enabling YOU to actively participate.
Our show will run approximately an hour.
We are so excited to meet with all of you again, in a space where topics are unusual and discussions run deep, where like minded people can learn from each other, to realize we are never alone!
Come join us!
October 18, 2017 at 8pm Eastern Time
Click Here to:
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Dial: (516) 453-9887
We would LOVE to hear your voice!

How Does Consciousness Relate to Lack of Money?

I was asked this question recently and this is my answer:
I cannot speak for another but what I’ve learned on my journey of discovery, is to get to the ULTIMATE TRUTH!
Not the truth from my, or your history, or the history of mankind, all created by either the Small Self, of that which was created by a pool of those Small Selfs coming before you and me… which is either our ‘own’ history, or the history of mankind.
Your truth, right now, is you have to work, make money, support, survive, give love, or all of you, as there are no other way! Oh, we all need money to live, to survive! Nothing is for free! The new paradigm is to be POSITIVE!!! As long as we are positive, we will prevail.
“All I have to do is be positive, and life will give me all I desire, as long as I stay positive.” Right?
That is a major lie! Created by Small Egos which became the ultimate collective truth, which started by one Small Self, growing and growing even in the face of change…
How do I get out of this lie?
Be in charge of your mind! Tell it to be quiet when it goes into the thoughts about money. You can only do this from your Higher Self. The mind only knows the “truth” from your history, or the history of mankind. The Soul, is different. It KNOWS different!
The Soul will let go, and KNOW the truth! The Small Self would want to be positive and/or never be negative.
What is this truth you ask?
To KNOW that you are the creator! You are the Christed Self who knows. YOU ARE IN CHARGE!
Example: My current life… Once I let go of my idea of what “should” be, I found myself in a world where a system pays for me, where I sleep in a hotel at night, and if not, I stay with my children… Why ‘pay’ for it? But, most of ALL!
I am free!
Free of all attachments, and if they don’t want me either, I am still free, of their ideas of me…
Just a month ago, I would still be fighting, saying: “I have to give them all that was never given to me…” and therefore created truths by my history which will never be the ultimate truth, of ALL that IS! I have learned! The hard way indeed, but I have learned!
The difference between the TRUTH of mankind’s history, or the TRUTH that will never change.
I’m not saying, become a flight attendant or go live with your children, or, become homeless, but what I am saying is change your consciousness about your TRUTH!
What do you CONSTANTLY THINK is your truth?
What is really your truth? Is it the truth of the Small Self (ego), or is it the truth about that which will never change, and that is; that you are the Kingdom of God! Or, better yet, that the Kingdom of God is IN YOU!
YOU DECIDE! Whatever you want rather than that which history dictates because, by God, it’s proven through history, oh yes…because history showed us, so it MUST BE TRUE!!!
Yes…We NEED money! We MUST be loved by our children, or by that someone who is OUT there, and who we signed contracts with… God, let me be loved by all those outside of me! Because this is my truth, of what was shown to me by all who came before me.
If that’s your truth? Then, go ahead, and live by your Small Self’s idea of truth!
It’s your choice!
But my advice is… Set yourself FREE! Only you can, and find the ultimate truth of your Higher Self, who will guide you to live the truth of ALL, and not what you THINK is true!
It will take time, and the winds of truth will shake you to your core! It will be like clinging to a tree in a hurricane, wishing and praying to survive… if only you can!!! When that wind of truth is soooooo strong!
God just hold on! “As long as I can hold on, I will survive.” But, through experience, I have learned, and can now tell you, with all certainty, and 1000% accuracy, and confidence, ”LET GO!” Do not hold on!
It’s only in that let go, when ALL that “FIGHTING” is gone! When you will see the TRUTH for what it is, and not what those small EGO’s (of ALL in your life) want you to ‘believe’ the TRUTH is…or they want you to be, to serve their truth.
Find YOUR TRUTH from your Higher Self and let go of the Small Self, who lives from history.
Man kind’s history, I can tell you now, is not the truth!

The Difference Between Manifestation and Manipulation

To Manifest, you must first ACCEPT the person, situation, event or circumstance you want to change! This is the secret!


In accepting all that IS! Accepting the “current” in all that is, the way that it IS.

Once you accept it, you let go of any judgements and blaming of it. You then begin to KNOW, “it is what it is.” Then, when you put a very strong intent or wait, allow me first, to give a better explanation of what “intent” is.

Intent is attitude! Change your thought pattern about it. Change your attitude towards it, and once your attitude change towards that what you wish to change, the change within YOU will and must happen first! This change MUST happen first, within you before the manifestation will materialize.

That is why there is in most cases, a long period before what you manifest, will happen, because you might still have deep underlying judgements against it.

If you put out an intent to manifest something, like The Secret taught us, or to follow the Law of attraction, and you have no deep wants and needs to change it, it will materialize almost immediately.

But, if you put vision boards out, you use mantras, and you meditate on it for days, and nothing happens, then ask yourself this, “Do I really want to change this person, (maybe a bad relationship or problems in one), an event, (a big problem at work or in school), circumstance, (your current way of life), the way I “think” it should be, or for the betterment of ALL!”  This is manifestation.

Once you KNOW, you can’t change that person, that event, or circumstance but you can change the way you act towards it, or think about it…then only, and ONLY then, will change happen.

To just “think” about how you want that person to be, or to “think” how you want that event to be, or to just “think” how the circumstance in your life should be, is manipulation. You then want to manipulate from your Ego, your mind, your perceptions only, of what a lover, partner, parent, teacher etc., should be or act.

Or, you want to manipulate what you “think” from your Ego, your mind, of how an event or your life should change. This is pure manipulation from the mind. The powerful strong Ego, who is only in it for self. This is being selfish and not even knowing you are selfish.

To be selfless, is to accept. To accept that the only thing or one you can change is YOU.

Then all that you begin to do, is for YOU. People around you will see your change and might start calling you selfish! Because you start to live for YOU, you stop allowing others to manipulate you.

This is when you start to KNOW the difference between manifestation and manipulation.

The Left Brain is the Male Energy. The Right Brain is the Female Energy.

We are now moving into the next cycle of our evolution. For roughly 2500 years the strong male energy ruled to survive but now, we are moving into the more compassionate female energy. It materialized so beautiful on the collective (macro level) for us the past couple of days, when we witnessed, a male chauvinistic narcissist, become our president of the United States, and how millions of woman stood up to march against his beliefs.

On the individual (micro level), I experienced this exact manifestation of how to stand up against this male energy, who became the controller who wants to dominate females.

Please, don’t get me wrong, not all men possess that energy, many females do as well, however, it is a prominent one, we all have to overcome. Every single thing or emotion in our creation has levels, and most men have already overcome the highest level of this need to control, dominate, hate, discriminate, women… And, most females have overcome the need to allow it, or vise versa.

Our Universe is just clearly showing us on our individual levels, and now in the collective, EXACTLY this phenomenon, we as a human race, need to become aware off by facing it, stand up against it, realizing it, and saying NO to it, in order to let it go! We must evolve from the stronger, fight for survival, male energy, to the more compassionate, loving, female energy, where we will not have the need to want to go to war, hate, discriminate, build walls, or show our power.

It doesn’t mean we will become a weak society, race, country, or human beings. It means we will become more accepting of others, we will become more nurturing, more tolerating, and more compassionate, yet still be very, very strong by not allowing any more of the old stuff. Have you ever seen a female (of any race or animal) fight for her off spring? That is who we ALL (male and female) will become.

What is happening on Earth needs to happen!

Embrace the change, embrace the individual “fights” to stand up against any abuse, discrimination, narcissistic chauvinistic sexism to keep the one more than, or less than, the other. The one race, sex, or choice of being, is not right or wrong, strong or weak, better or worse than the other, just DIFFERENT. Once we moved from this old energy, to the new energy, we will further evolve to realize we are all ONE!

Stay focused on the big picture even thought it hurts to witness all the individual stuff playing out. What I experienced this last two weeks, when I had to clearly stand up against that exact energy, made me realize, we have to each overcome it on our individual levels first, before we can collectively overcome it.

I stood up against it for the first time in my life, and it empowered me!

How Well Do We Create?

Yesterday, I had a breakthrough with my most talented daughter, Yvonka De Ridder from Loving Life Therapy, where she was first my mother, then my daughter, then my therapist. We started off yelling at each other, then crying together to finally where she broke my most inner struggle I had with money.

I have never been so proud, yet felt such relief after her sudden unexpected EMDR therapy, and the exceptional way she got through to me, a person, like me, who thought, “I have done it all, there is nothing more still stuck in me to release. I have done all the clearings, meditations, seminars, and teachings of self empowerment, what more can there be before I will see the manifestation of all I’ve learned to balance.”

Oh boy! Was I wrong, but now that I KNOW, now that I am consciously aware of this, I can transmute it with love, by loving myself for it, which of course, will be letting go of it, and the release of it, which I felt physically, was absolutely profound.

All this, and more, made me realize how we create. How we create systems, habits, structures, and how we control our realities from the ever powerful left brain, linked to our personalities, to protect ourselves. I also realized while observing my dog, Adam, how animals live from their right brains while us humans, thrive in left brains. I see how he patiently waits for me, and how he would give a huge sigh when I don’t respond, go back to sleep, until I make the slightest move, to jump up, ready to go. No matter where it is, ready to go wherever I go.

Animals, the ones we domesticated, don’t have a verbal language from the left brain, where logic exists but only from the right brain where emotions are connected. They have no systems, structures, habits. Control yes, because they ALLOW, out of unconditional love, where no contracts, agreements, or conditions exist, us humans to control them.

They live in a conditioned creation, created by us for them because they come from the unconditional source, who must start in the right brain, in physical form first, to evolve to the left brain, for survival where languages, systems and structures are created, to then hopefully evolve to the knowing, all is both, a place, we as humans, are hopefully evolving towards!

We, the humans, are instilling in them the systems, structures, habits, patterns, and conditions. Think about it. A few decades ago, our animals were running free outside. We might have only seen them when they wanted food or water, if they couldn’t find it within the gates we kept them in. No gates, then they would come only for the love.

Today, we evolved to where we keep them inside, to take them outside on a leach to go potty. We even have doggie parks where they might run for an hour. Gosh, we even have plastic bags we pick up their poop after them. I also noticed how Adam would smell where one before him peed or poop, to leave his mark or poo exactly where another pooped before. Showing that we become so structured that we subconsciously start to do exactly what another did before us.

We follow the same structure, patterns and habits, set there for us while in the left brain. When Adam gets home and his needs were met, he goes back into his right brain, and gone are all the systems, control, habits, and patterns until he has a need again for either water, food, or to go potty.

See how we create!

What is our solution to this?

We must focus more on being in the right brain by knowing we are one race not separated by French, Italian, South African, American etc., but humans, who will evolve back to being and living from a space of peace. We must look for ways to create new systems, structures, and habits with our left brain who will support the right brain. We can only move to a balance between the two brains, once we realize and become so aware of the two.

How can you find balance if we don’t know the polar opposites? Our beautiful dualistic Earth showed us clearly there are two of everything. Let’s pass the lesson, and know there is a middle point too! Let’s find the balance in the coming months.

We need the left brain but we most definitely need the unconditional, peaceful right brains more. So we can know what it is we will “follow,” and what it is we truly want as a collective?

In the left brain we want to conform, and do what others do with conditions. In the right brain we feel the unconditional peace, not to go to sleep in anymore, like animals do, because what else is there for them to do, but sleep. We as humans, are done with sleeping in the right brain. Wake up within the right brain, by becoming so consciously aware that two brains exist!

Someone like Trump will shake our system, structures, patterns, and habits so deeply, so “We The People” can clearly see and stand up to what we will follow and what we will change! What it is we want and what it is we do not want. Or, will we continue to create unknowingly, like we are busy enslaving the animal kingdom, into a strong new system to follow! Are we followers, leaders, or creators?

We are the creators. Let’s become known as Earthlings who stood united as one in peace and love for each other as did the Palladians, the Lumarians, Atlantians, who evolved from the left brain to the right to the third eye, where we see balance, as they did, but couldn’t fully master. Let’s be the first generation to master this new human race.

We unconditionally and unconsciously allowed ourselves to be enslaved like we are doing to our animals. Once the domesticated animals (who are the first to do so), train their left brains more, (as we are seeing on Facebook, all those cute pictures of them acting like humans), and forget about their right brains, we will be there to help them. As all those are there now helping us! They are not our enemies to hate and fear. They have “been there done that,” here only to help us, help ourselves, just as they realized they might have enslaved us, a lower conscious evolution species, as we are doing to our animals right now! There is no right or wrong. It only is what it is!

Let’s become so consciously aware of how we are enslaving those who love us unconditionally, and realize how quickly we can become slaves, or enslave others, especially when we blindly follow.

Let’s become aware! Consciously aware of both brains, so we can find the middle point. The balance between the two dualistic energies still existing on Earth.

It is up to us to change to a balanced oneness, where no dual energies can exist anymore. We are the creators. Let’s create a world united. Become so aware, and clearly decide what it is we want for ourselves and for our Earth.

For the next few years it will be our responsibility! We are the pioneers, who can change Earth from the egotistical left brain, to the right brain, meditative yoga hippies, to the balanced, love and peace on Earth, third eye, if you want to call it that…

Which one are YOU?


The left brain is linked to the right hand and the right brain is linked to the left hand.

No wonder the majority of humanity are right handed because society ensured we only educated and medicated our left brains with language, mathematics, science, religion, etc., while creating patterns, habits, systems, and structures. Completely forgetting the right side of our brains, by telling us through our parents, (and they were told through their parents) that it is only our imagination, or it is “not real” when we talk to “imaginary friends.” So at 3 or 5 years old, we shut down our right brains.

Test how old is your two brains. I learned this while working for a reconstructive plastic and hand surgeon for 10 years. I saw how people would injure their right hand and refused to write with their left hand or vise versa. When I would force them, (due to lack of time, as I was the only one running the office) I could clearly see the difference in the two hand writings. Others would say, “but Yvonne, if I practice enough, I would write the same with both hands…” Fair enough, but when I found someone who’s handwriting was almost the same I would say, “I can see you, paint, dance, sing, meditate or walk in nature a lot, am I correct?” They would always all agree.

Do it now. Write down your name with your dominant hand then the other hand, and see how old your two brains are. Look at the gap between your two brains. The one is well educated while the other stayed a child. It is time to educate the right brain more. How do I do that, Yvonne? You might ask, well then let’s go further and deeper into this topic.

As we have the first five senses of sight, taste, smell, touch, and to hear, that are from the left side of the brain in our persistent reality, then the first sense to start at our right brain, is the ‘sixth sense.” Yes, the sixth sense is not just to “see dead people” like Bruce Willis in his movie with the same title. We also have a seventh, eighth, ninth, and tenth sense, living in the right side of our beautiful complete brain, not just one side of a brain. Just as we don’t just have one biological parent.

It is time to discover the other side of your brain! Again, “How do I do that?” It is not enough to just walk in nature, paint that painting, sing that song, write that book or poetry but it is to also tap into its endless knowledge because the entire universe’s answers are within that side of your brain. You see, your left brain is linked to your personality, you started to create at the age of 3 to 7 years, known as your consciousness. The first 2 years, all you did was absorb like an empty sponge, sucking up water, then you grew the courage to talk, crawl, and walk. Then, from 3 years onward, you built that ego, who loves, and will protect you like no one else will, learning languages, mathematics, patterns, habits etc. The right side is known as your subconsciousness, linked to your Soul, who were shut down when you saw angels, or had imaginary friends.

If you don’t believe you have a Soul, and that you are just this human being, then you definitely only have one parent. One eye, one body, one left side, and all the rest doesn’t exist for you. Then that is your choice. I do know I had to have had a biological mother and a father to have been born. Not just a father. Science showed us two cells are needed. If you do not want to call it a Soul, call it anything else but for a lack of a better word, I will call it a Soul, or your Higher Self, and your Ego, your Lower Self. As above, so below.

Your Soul or your Higher Self has all your answers to all the million questions you have, and you can ask it. There is a Universal Law called, “ask and you shall receive!” You see, I teach you how to ask. I assist with hypnosis to take you to your right side of your brain to explore your past lives. How can you know your future or where you are heading, if you do not know where you are coming from? I assist you to temporally shut down the busy left brain to pretend we go fly, so it can get bored and step out of the way, to go to the right side where we can go explore other lives, past or future, even meet all those who love you and live in Spirit. If there are two of everything, then if there is a natural, then surely there must be a spiritual too.

Spirit is just as alive and well as is this natural world!

Connect with me on Facebook video or Skype and for $125 for 90 minutes, we will go explore your right side of your brain. Allow me to educate your right side of your brain. It is time to become a complete human BEing, not just half a person working from 9 to 5 struggling to make a living. Learn to live from your Soul not your Ego. I will teach you the language of your Soul, so YOUR Soul can guide you to freedom! Allow me to give you the tools to bypass your Ego and go straight to the Source of YOU!