Yvonne helps her clients dialog with their soul and higher self by using past life regression, hypnotherapy, and dream interpretation to break down inner communication barriers.

An explanation from Yvonne in her own words.

“So many constantly ask me how it is possible for me to visit them while they sleep when we are miles apart, or how is it possible for me to travel to other dimensions, or how is it possible for me to talk to dead people, or why I don’t miss family while away from them, or why I sometimes forget to say hello or goodbye, when I feel I just spoke to you yesterday, while you were asleep.

You see, I can’t explain your existence but I will attempt to explain some of mine.

We have so many bodies within this one human aspect of being. Although it is easy for me to tell you so many aspects of you, if I do have the privilege to tap into you, your essence, or your energy because then I get to see the whole of you. I will begin to see your origin, your past lives, your current, even where you are heading. But only when I am given permission by your protectors because I refuse to invade your privacy.

I find it so disturbing when others keep asking me to take a look at a picture of a guy they talk to on an online dating site. Some even ask me to tell them about past lives they might have had together, when they themselves don’t even know that person. I do not invade anyone’s privacy no matter how strong a gift or how large the dollar bill, unless I have permission from that person.

Once I work with you, I teach you to do the same I do, which is using other senses we all have, so you could do it for yourself, so I don’t have to invade your “being,” or someone else’s. You go deep within by yourself or those you chose to if you ask permission, with my guidance.

Then, I might begin to work with the ego first to get to the Soul, and before you know it, if you allow, you might change perceptions, attitudes, or your outlook on life, and your world, your reality, or your dream will change. But, for now, I want to explain how my existence work, which might also help you understand the many aspects or levels of being, as so many don’t understand, fear, or judge what I vowed to educate. So allow me to bring some light to the darkness of what might be in the egos of so many of what I do.

We all have different bodies within “being” one physical human being. We have a physical body, (where our ego lives, within the left side of our human mind). A pain body, an emotional body, an astral body, a light body, (where our soul resides, and our subconsciousness are within the human right side of the brain), and a Spiritual body, (the over Soul), with many more higher bodies, like the Etheric body but we will keep this explanation to the physical, rather than the Etheric.

Each of these bodies have levels too. Just as in the macrocosm so in the microcosm.

Within the micro of you, there are the infinite vastness of the entire universe. All the answers you ever wish to find is within you. I know it can sound overwhelming but think of it as me trying to force an entire ocean into a tiny rice grain. Many aspects of one, within you, the individual, making out one whole, within the micro, not to mention the macro of the external universe with its solar system, galaxies, suns, moons, oceans, and kingdoms.

So, then back to what I do. When I sleep at night, I work diligently in the astral plane. This is where family and friends will send me texts or emails saying that they know how I visited them the night before, and how awesome it was that they could see and feel me there with them bringing them comfort when they needed it most, or just to come say hello. For me, the confirmation is beautiful and amazing that they knew, and have the awakened sense to acknowledge my visits because only a small amount of humans use their 6th sense, or have the ability to “remember,” and wake up to know its me, while my physical body is asleep somewhere else. This is called astral traveling.

The astral plane is the first plane above Earth’s grid, and the first plane above the physical. This is where a lot of souls live who might not even realize they have passed-on a level in energy. This is also where a lot of unwanted darker entities roam around, and someone like me, who vowed to educate and “fight” for love and light, will go to “clean up” and educate, so they could also become “enlightened.”

Above this level, is what we know as heaven or the Spiritual realm because those who have an OBE (out of body experience) or NDE (near death experience) will talk about seeing the light, and when they followed that light, they witnessed peace, their loved ones, who passed on before them, beautiful colors, mountains, rivers, and beautiful gardens. They felt no pain, had no age, no disease, and only felt love.

There are more levels above this level and if Earth move up a level in collective consciousness, so will those above us move up a level, until the evolution for all is back to its beginning point of Source. That is why Jesus taught more than 2000 years ago, that we will do far greater things than He ever could, if we bring Heaven to Earth.

When I use my 7th, 8th, 9th, or 10th senses, I travel to these different levels in dimensions who can only house lighter energy of “its” current dimension. The physical dense matter could never move in a thin lighter energy. It’s like swimming in jello. You need to use a different level light body for each dimension plane or level depending on its energy level. This is what I do when I travel, and what I will teach others to use, when I show them how to use their other 5 senses they have as a human.

To travel to other dimensions, galaxies, future, or past, planes or levels is in reach of every human. It is not possible with your physical human vessel, not yet anyway, but is possible with your human consciousness. Before you can begin to explore these possibilities you have to open your mind, which is closed off by your ego, housing strong belief systems, thinking you are only your first five senses.

Read and research more about astral traveling, remote viewing, light bodies etc., and stay away from all that which invoke fear in you. Keep only that which brings you joy. Begin to know the vastness of your own consciousness, where an intelligence is hidden waiting to be opened, so you can remember. Overcome your amnesia, and if you want my assistance and guidance, I am here for you.

I offer sessions via Email, FaceTime, Skype, or Facebook Messenger, if I cannot be in your area to see you in person.

Contact me below and we will make it work.”

Author of “See The Gift, Not the Curse.”




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