The Multifaceted Beings That We Are.

As humans, society ensured we only educate and medicate the left side of our brains, forcing us to neglect, fear, even eradicate. the abilities to use our right brains. We know that if someone had a stroke, and their left side is paralyzed, the right brain got the blood clot, and so when the right side is paralyzed, then the left brain is injured.

This crossed over phenomenon, I blogged about many times, and will continue to do so, until we can realize how out of balance we are, and learn, seek, or educate, the right side of our brains, the same way we have been with the left.

Being a right hand majority, regardless of race, culture, or religion, clearly show, how humanity is left brain orientated, with only a 10 percent of lefties. Earlier years, in our school systems, children were forced to write with their right hands, if they were left handed. I, myself am left handed, plus one of my brothers, while one of my older sister’s, were forced to use her right hand, when the teacher noticed her inclination. An indication of control to deliberately stop the free use of the right side of the brain. Why, you may ask?

Because, we have 12 strains of DNA, and was forced to only use 2, when science named the other 10, as junk DNA. But again, why? So that we must not begin to know, the multifaceted beings that we truly are!

You see, we have many bodies. In fact, I can name 10. Those linked to our left brain, connected to our first 5 senses, are all starting from within our physical body. Those grouped with the physical, is the mental body, the pain body, the emotional body, and astral body, keeping us close to Mother Earth. The spiritual body, is the first of the sixth sense, where the energetic body is linked to the right brain, where you will also find the light body, the etheric body, and the angelic body.

Yes, multifaceted being that you are, you also have an angelic body because as you go from the small micro cell up to the macro, all the tiny little bits of you, eventually become bigger and taller, to ultimately make you one with the Source, the macrocosm. Hence the believe that we are all one, and why I insist, you are in me, as I am in you!

If only we can begin to believe that we are more than just our physical body, (all that we can see, touch, hear, taste, and smell), and that we have other senses too, will we begin to explore more of who we are. How do we do that? By going inward.

Meditation is a good start, but hypnotherapy can excelerate your ability to explore other facets of you, especially past life regression, because how will you know where you are heading, if you do not know where you are from?

Let’s also educate those right brains with more art, music, dance, being in nature, so we can become the balanced beings we are meant to be. This is the New Human for the new awakened Earth. Knowing, that we are more than just our physical body but that we also have an energetic body.

This energetic body can heal itself from any disease because all the bodies who reside with the energetic body, are on a higher frequency level, and will have dominion over the lower vibratory bodies. So, begin to educate yourself on how to go into one of your other bodies to start the process of healing. If one of us succeed, this opens a possibility for others to do the same, and as we reach that critical point of mass, all will be healed. This is also called the Hundreth Monkey Effect, so you can go research more about it.

I have also recorded a Light Body Activation a few years ago, if you want to explore more on this, go to and the password is Love.


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