Radio Show is Back!

Thriving in The Midst of Change

How To Thrive When Facing Life’s Challenges

Don, (my show producer) and I, will discuss aspects of how to thrive when life offers challenges in the midst of so much change surrounding us. We will touch base on: The chaos around our lives, weather, politics, disease etc. How to find balance, enhancing peace-of-mind, finding calm during any storm, realizing true happiness, reducing stress, etc.
Aspects of my book, “See The Gift Not The Curse” will be discussed using examples.
During our most challenging experiences, there is a gift, if we choose to see it.
“When we hurt the most, we grow the most.” We will engage in answering questions from listeners enabling YOU to actively participate.
Our show will run approximately an hour.
We are so excited to meet with all of you again, in a space where topics are unusual and discussions run deep, where like minded people can learn from each other, to realize we are never alone!
Come join us!
October 18, 2017 at 8pm Eastern Time
Click Here to:
You can use a phone if you can’t connect:
Dial: (516) 453-9887
We would LOVE to hear your voice!

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