How Does Consciousness Relate to Lack of Money?

I was asked this question recently and this is my answer:
I cannot speak for another but what I’ve learned on my journey of discovery, is to get to the ULTIMATE TRUTH!
Not the truth from my, or your history, or the history of mankind, all created by either the Small Self, of that which was created by a pool of those Small Selfs coming before you and me… which is either our ‘own’ history, or the history of mankind.
Your truth, right now, is you have to work, make money, support, survive, give love, or all of you, as there are no other way! Oh, we all need money to live, to survive! Nothing is for free! The new paradigm is to be POSITIVE!!! As long as we are positive, we will prevail.
“All I have to do is be positive, and life will give me all I desire, as long as I stay positive.” Right?
That is a major lie! Created by Small Egos which became the ultimate collective truth, which started by one Small Self, growing and growing even in the face of change…
How do I get out of this lie?
Be in charge of your mind! Tell it to be quiet when it goes into the thoughts about money. You can only do this from your Higher Self. The mind only knows the “truth” from your history, or the history of mankind. The Soul, is different. It KNOWS different!
The Soul will let go, and KNOW the truth! The Small Self would want to be positive and/or never be negative.
What is this truth you ask?
To KNOW that you are the creator! You are the Christed Self who knows. YOU ARE IN CHARGE!
Example: My current life… Once I let go of my idea of what “should” be, I found myself in a world where a system pays for me, where I sleep in a hotel at night, and if not, I stay with my children… Why ‘pay’ for it? But, most of ALL!
I am free!
Free of all attachments, and if they don’t want me either, I am still free, of their ideas of me…
Just a month ago, I would still be fighting, saying: “I have to give them all that was never given to me…” and therefore created truths by my history which will never be the ultimate truth, of ALL that IS! I have learned! The hard way indeed, but I have learned!
The difference between the TRUTH of mankind’s history, or the TRUTH that will never change.
I’m not saying, become a flight attendant or go live with your children, or, become homeless, but what I am saying is change your consciousness about your TRUTH!
What do you CONSTANTLY THINK is your truth?
What is really your truth? Is it the truth of the Small Self (ego), or is it the truth about that which will never change, and that is; that you are the Kingdom of God! Or, better yet, that the Kingdom of God is IN YOU!
YOU DECIDE! Whatever you want rather than that which history dictates because, by God, it’s proven through history, oh yes…because history showed us, so it MUST BE TRUE!!!
Yes…We NEED money! We MUST be loved by our children, or by that someone who is OUT there, and who we signed contracts with… God, let me be loved by all those outside of me! Because this is my truth, of what was shown to me by all who came before me.
If that’s your truth? Then, go ahead, and live by your Small Self’s idea of truth!
It’s your choice!
But my advice is… Set yourself FREE! Only you can, and find the ultimate truth of your Higher Self, who will guide you to live the truth of ALL, and not what you THINK is true!
It will take time, and the winds of truth will shake you to your core! It will be like clinging to a tree in a hurricane, wishing and praying to survive… if only you can!!! When that wind of truth is soooooo strong!
God just hold on! “As long as I can hold on, I will survive.” But, through experience, I have learned, and can now tell you, with all certainty, and 1000% accuracy, and confidence, ”LET GO!” Do not hold on!
It’s only in that let go, when ALL that “FIGHTING” is gone! When you will see the TRUTH for what it is, and not what those small EGO’s (of ALL in your life) want you to ‘believe’ the TRUTH is…or they want you to be, to serve their truth.
Find YOUR TRUTH from your Higher Self and let go of the Small Self, who lives from history.
Man kind’s history, I can tell you now, is not the truth!

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