Back In The System

For those who know me well, and who follow me on Facebook, will know, that a few months ago, I stepped back into the system, by accepting a Flight Attendant position for American Airlines. One of our nation’s biggest systems. This time, with a different attitude.
No more, will I feel trapped in a prison of a society, who I believed, enslaved us. All I did, was changed my mind. I changed the way I think about life! Yes, I simply changed my mind.
I still see the system for what it is, and I know alone, I cannot change the system, but I can bring my light to the system. To, in my own small way, love the system, and those around me, to be free, while still in a system, until all of humanity, can be set free, from a stressful, work hard, die hard, fighting, of who is right and who is wrong, mentality.
When I felt I was loosing this “battle” to bring love and light to a dark world, I retracted from the world. But my Higher Self insisted I move forward, by seeing the Small Self for her personality, within a system created by a collective of “Small Selfs,” until we can re-create, as a collective, from our TRUE SELFs. Then only, will the system change.
We all created this current system from man’s history, so it is only us, as humans, who can change it. When we realize that everything around us, was named by us. The tree became a book, a bed, a shelter, but before it was a tree, it was a cell, then a seed, and before it was a cell, it was an energy. That energy is US, is our SOURCE!
That is why we hear the words, “We are ALL ONE!” but never truly comprehend that we are ONE. Interconnected, by that first energy, of thought, who became the word, who became the cell, into a seed of creation. We are ALL energy, who were all cells, who became seeds, just like the trees, the birds, the winds, the oceans, who we, so named, by our history.
Once we realize, we are the creators, by our thoughts, then our words, into deeds, will we be able to re-create a system self sustainable for ALL. Think about it! Every single thing around us, was a thought before, by someone else, even this Earth, who was a thought, of our beloved Source.
Let’s change our thoughts, about ALL we “think” we know, so we can change our history.

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