The Difference Between Manifestation and Manipulation

To Manifest, you must first ACCEPT the person, situation, event or circumstance you want to change! This is the secret!


In accepting all that IS! Accepting the “current” in all that is, the way that it IS.

Once you accept it, you let go of any judgements and blaming of it. You then begin to KNOW, “it is what it is.” Then, when you put a very strong intent or wait, allow me first, to give a better explanation of what “intent” is.

Intent is attitude! Change your thought pattern about it. Change your attitude towards it, and once your attitude change towards that what you wish to change, the change within YOU will and must happen first! This change MUST happen first, within you before the manifestation will materialize.

That is why there is in most cases, a long period before what you manifest, will happen, because you might still have deep underlying judgements against it.

If you put out an intent to manifest something, like The Secret taught us, or to follow the Law of attraction, and you have no deep wants and needs to change it, it will materialize almost immediately.

But, if you put vision boards out, you use mantras, and you meditate on it for days, and nothing happens, then ask yourself this, “Do I really want to change this person, (maybe a bad relationship or problems in one), an event, (a big problem at work or in school), circumstance, (your current way of life), the way I “think” it should be, or for the betterment of ALL!”  This is manifestation.

Once you KNOW, you can’t change that person, that event, or circumstance but you can change the way you act towards it, or think about it…then only, and ONLY then, will change happen.

To just “think” about how you want that person to be, or to “think” how you want that event to be, or to just “think” how the circumstance in your life should be, is manipulation. You then want to manipulate from your Ego, your mind, your perceptions only, of what a lover, partner, parent, teacher etc., should be or act.

Or, you want to manipulate what you “think” from your Ego, your mind, of how an event or your life should change. This is pure manipulation from the mind. The powerful strong Ego, who is only in it for self. This is being selfish and not even knowing you are selfish.

To be selfless, is to accept. To accept that the only thing or one you can change is YOU.

Then all that you begin to do, is for YOU. People around you will see your change and might start calling you selfish! Because you start to live for YOU, you stop allowing others to manipulate you.

This is when you start to KNOW the difference between manifestation and manipulation.

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