The Left Brain is the Male Energy. The Right Brain is the Female Energy.

We are now moving into the next cycle of our evolution. For roughly 2500 years the strong male energy ruled to survive but now, we are moving into the more compassionate female energy. It materialized so beautiful on the collective (macro level) for us the past couple of days, when we witnessed, a male chauvinistic narcissist, become our president of the United States, and how millions of woman stood up to march against his beliefs.

On the individual (micro level), I experienced this exact manifestation of how to stand up against this male energy, who became the controller who wants to dominate females.

Please, don’t get me wrong, not all men possess that energy, many females do as well, however, it is a prominent one, we all have to overcome. Every single thing or emotion in our creation has levels, and most men have already overcome the highest level of this need to control, dominate, hate, discriminate, women… And, most females have overcome the need to allow it, or vise versa.

Our Universe is just clearly showing us on our individual levels, and now in the collective, EXACTLY this phenomenon, we as a human race, need to become aware off by facing it, stand up against it, realizing it, and saying NO to it, in order to let it go! We must evolve from the stronger, fight for survival, male energy, to the more compassionate, loving, female energy, where we will not have the need to want to go to war, hate, discriminate, build walls, or show our power.

It doesn’t mean we will become a weak society, race, country, or human beings. It means we will become more accepting of others, we will become more nurturing, more tolerating, and more compassionate, yet still be very, very strong by not allowing any more of the old stuff. Have you ever seen a female (of any race or animal) fight for her off spring? That is who we ALL (male and female) will become.

What is happening on Earth needs to happen!

Embrace the change, embrace the individual “fights” to stand up against any abuse, discrimination, narcissistic chauvinistic sexism to keep the one more than, or less than, the other. The one race, sex, or choice of being, is not right or wrong, strong or weak, better or worse than the other, just DIFFERENT. Once we moved from this old energy, to the new energy, we will further evolve to realize we are all ONE!

Stay focused on the big picture even thought it hurts to witness all the individual stuff playing out. What I experienced this last two weeks, when I had to clearly stand up against that exact energy, made me realize, we have to each overcome it on our individual levels first, before we can collectively overcome it.

I stood up against it for the first time in my life, and it empowered me!

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