How Well Do We Create?

Yesterday, I had a breakthrough with my most talented daughter, Yvonka De Ridder from Loving Life Therapy, where she was first my mother, then my daughter, then my therapist. We started off yelling at each other, then crying together to finally where she broke my most inner struggle I had with money.

I have never been so proud, yet felt such relief after her sudden unexpected EMDR therapy, and the exceptional way she got through to me, a person, like me, who thought, “I have done it all, there is nothing more still stuck in me to release. I have done all the clearings, meditations, seminars, and teachings of self empowerment, what more can there be before I will see the manifestation of all I’ve learned to balance.”

Oh boy! Was I wrong, but now that I KNOW, now that I am consciously aware of this, I can transmute it with love, by loving myself for it, which of course, will be letting go of it, and the release of it, which I felt physically, was absolutely profound.

All this, and more, made me realize how we create. How we create systems, habits, structures, and how we control our realities from the ever powerful left brain, linked to our personalities, to protect ourselves. I also realized while observing my dog, Adam, how animals live from their right brains while us humans, thrive in left brains. I see how he patiently waits for me, and how he would give a huge sigh when I don’t respond, go back to sleep, until I make the slightest move, to jump up, ready to go. No matter where it is, ready to go wherever I go.

Animals, the ones we domesticated, don’t have a verbal language from the left brain, where logic exists but only from the right brain where emotions are connected. They have no systems, structures, habits. Control yes, because they ALLOW, out of unconditional love, where no contracts, agreements, or conditions exist, us humans to control them.

They live in a conditioned creation, created by us for them because they come from the unconditional source, who must start in the right brain, in physical form first, to evolve to the left brain, for survival where languages, systems and structures are created, to then hopefully evolve to the knowing, all is both, a place, we as humans, are hopefully evolving towards!

We, the humans, are instilling in them the systems, structures, habits, patterns, and conditions. Think about it. A few decades ago, our animals were running free outside. We might have only seen them when they wanted food or water, if they couldn’t find it within the gates we kept them in. No gates, then they would come only for the love.

Today, we evolved to where we keep them inside, to take them outside on a leach to go potty. We even have doggie parks where they might run for an hour. Gosh, we even have plastic bags we pick up their poop after them. I also noticed how Adam would smell where one before him peed or poop, to leave his mark or poo exactly where another pooped before. Showing that we become so structured that we subconsciously start to do exactly what another did before us.

We follow the same structure, patterns and habits, set there for us while in the left brain. When Adam gets home and his needs were met, he goes back into his right brain, and gone are all the systems, control, habits, and patterns until he has a need again for either water, food, or to go potty.

See how we create!

What is our solution to this?

We must focus more on being in the right brain by knowing we are one race not separated by French, Italian, South African, American etc., but humans, who will evolve back to being and living from a space of peace. We must look for ways to create new systems, structures, and habits with our left brain who will support the right brain. We can only move to a balance between the two brains, once we realize and become so aware of the two.

How can you find balance if we don’t know the polar opposites? Our beautiful dualistic Earth showed us clearly there are two of everything. Let’s pass the lesson, and know there is a middle point too! Let’s find the balance in the coming months.

We need the left brain but we most definitely need the unconditional, peaceful right brains more. So we can know what it is we will “follow,” and what it is we truly want as a collective?

In the left brain we want to conform, and do what others do with conditions. In the right brain we feel the unconditional peace, not to go to sleep in anymore, like animals do, because what else is there for them to do, but sleep. We as humans, are done with sleeping in the right brain. Wake up within the right brain, by becoming so consciously aware that two brains exist!

Someone like Trump will shake our system, structures, patterns, and habits so deeply, so “We The People” can clearly see and stand up to what we will follow and what we will change! What it is we want and what it is we do not want. Or, will we continue to create unknowingly, like we are busy enslaving the animal kingdom, into a strong new system to follow! Are we followers, leaders, or creators?

We are the creators. Let’s become known as Earthlings who stood united as one in peace and love for each other as did the Palladians, the Lumarians, Atlantians, who evolved from the left brain to the right to the third eye, where we see balance, as they did, but couldn’t fully master. Let’s be the first generation to master this new human race.

We unconditionally and unconsciously allowed ourselves to be enslaved like we are doing to our animals. Once the domesticated animals (who are the first to do so), train their left brains more, (as we are seeing on Facebook, all those cute pictures of them acting like humans), and forget about their right brains, we will be there to help them. As all those are there now helping us! They are not our enemies to hate and fear. They have “been there done that,” here only to help us, help ourselves, just as they realized they might have enslaved us, a lower conscious evolution species, as we are doing to our animals right now! There is no right or wrong. It only is what it is!

Let’s become so consciously aware of how we are enslaving those who love us unconditionally, and realize how quickly we can become slaves, or enslave others, especially when we blindly follow.

Let’s become aware! Consciously aware of both brains, so we can find the middle point. The balance between the two dualistic energies still existing on Earth.

It is up to us to change to a balanced oneness, where no dual energies can exist anymore. We are the creators. Let’s create a world united. Become so aware, and clearly decide what it is we want for ourselves and for our Earth.

For the next few years it will be our responsibility! We are the pioneers, who can change Earth from the egotistical left brain, to the right brain, meditative yoga hippies, to the balanced, love and peace on Earth, third eye, if you want to call it that…

Which one are YOU?

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