The left brain is linked to the right hand and the right brain is linked to the left hand.

No wonder the majority of humanity are right handed because society ensured we only educated and medicated our left brains with language, mathematics, science, religion, etc., while creating patterns, habits, systems, and structures. Completely forgetting the right side of our brains, by telling us through our parents, (and they were told through their parents) that it is only our imagination, or it is “not real” when we talk to “imaginary friends.” So at 3 or 5 years old, we shut down our right brains.

Test how old is your two brains. I learned this while working for a reconstructive plastic and hand surgeon for 10 years. I saw how people would injure their right hand and refused to write with their left hand or vise versa. When I would force them, (due to lack of time, as I was the only one running the office) I could clearly see the difference in the two hand writings. Others would say, “but Yvonne, if I practice enough, I would write the same with both hands…” Fair enough, but when I found someone who’s handwriting was almost the same I would say, “I can see you, paint, dance, sing, meditate or walk in nature a lot, am I correct?” They would always all agree.

Do it now. Write down your name with your dominant hand then the other hand, and see how old your two brains are. Look at the gap between your two brains. The one is well educated while the other stayed a child. It is time to educate the right brain more. How do I do that, Yvonne? You might ask, well then let’s go further and deeper into this topic.

As we have the first five senses of sight, taste, smell, touch, and to hear, that are from the left side of the brain in our persistent reality, then the first sense to start at our right brain, is the ‘sixth sense.” Yes, the sixth sense is not just to “see dead people” like Bruce Willis in his movie with the same title. We also have a seventh, eighth, ninth, and tenth sense, living in the right side of our beautiful complete brain, not just one side of a brain. Just as we don’t just have one biological parent.

It is time to discover the other side of your brain! Again, “How do I do that?” It is not enough to just walk in nature, paint that painting, sing that song, write that book or poetry but it is to also tap into its endless knowledge because the entire universe’s answers are within that side of your brain. You see, your left brain is linked to your personality, you started to create at the age of 3 to 7 years, known as your consciousness. The first 2 years, all you did was absorb like an empty sponge, sucking up water, then you grew the courage to talk, crawl, and walk. Then, from 3 years onward, you built that ego, who loves, and will protect you like no one else will, learning languages, mathematics, patterns, habits etc. The right side is known as your subconsciousness, linked to your Soul, who were shut down when you saw angels, or had imaginary friends.

If you don’t believe you have a Soul, and that you are just this human being, then you definitely only have one parent. One eye, one body, one left side, and all the rest doesn’t exist for you. Then that is your choice. I do know I had to have had a biological mother and a father to have been born. Not just a father. Science showed us two cells are needed. If you do not want to call it a Soul, call it anything else but for a lack of a better word, I will call it a Soul, or your Higher Self, and your Ego, your Lower Self. As above, so below.

Your Soul or your Higher Self has all your answers to all the million questions you have, and you can ask it. There is a Universal Law called, “ask and you shall receive!” You see, I teach you how to ask. I assist with hypnosis to take you to your right side of your brain to explore your past lives. How can you know your future or where you are heading, if you do not know where you are coming from? I assist you to temporally shut down the busy left brain to pretend we go fly, so it can get bored and step out of the way, to go to the right side where we can go explore other lives, past or future, even meet all those who love you and live in Spirit. If there are two of everything, then if there is a natural, then surely there must be a spiritual too.

Spirit is just as alive and well as is this natural world!

Connect with me on Facebook video or Skype and for $125 for 90 minutes, we will go explore your right side of your brain. Allow me to educate your right side of your brain. It is time to become a complete human BEing, not just half a person working from 9 to 5 struggling to make a living. Learn to live from your Soul not your Ego. I will teach you the language of your Soul, so YOUR Soul can guide you to freedom! Allow me to give you the tools to bypass your Ego and go straight to the Source of YOU!

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