Post Election Clarity

My Radio Show Producer, Don, sent me an email, after I told him about my experience which started a week before the election, and stayed with me until today. Putting me in depression, fear, despair, sadness, and feelings I thought I have overcome long ago. I couldn’t understand, and attributed it to the one thing we can all blame, our election. It was only until today, when I finally asked WTF, and got my answer from Spirit.

Who is Spirit for me, you might ask?

All the ArchAngels, Merlin, Group Zion, Council of 7, and my LovedOnes- (those who serve me), and ALL others residing in Spirit, also known in religious circles, as the Holy Ghost.

Here is an excerpt from Don’s email to me, “Yvonne, my downstairs spiritual neighbor who experienced a dark energy last Friday during a deep meditation similar to what you described to me. Maybe the same day? Both descriptions were uncanny similar, very dark, scary, evil +++”

My answer to him, after I felt better knowing I wasn’t the only one.

“I just spoke with Yvonka (my daughter), and she said the same thing! She woke up that night before the election, or it might have been that night, and felt an intense dark energy, and she immediately felt very scared. But said she cursed them to piss off….:) She said, the fear subsided but the feeling of it around her, stayed for awhile. Describing almost exactly what I have felt.”

You see, for me, that energy came a week before the election and stayed with me for a long time. I could feel both energies and saw the Angels with me, while also seeing this darkness. I thought it was strange but knew it was because of what Earth was experiencing, and didn’t pay much notice to it, nor felt any fear because I am well protected.

Then, the night before the election, when I woke up, seeing, sensing, and knowing this energy was interfering with my Light, hearing a collective voice saying over and over, “we will win, we will win…” I decided to trace the beginning point of that energy. (A technique I’ve learned from Spirit, of which I will teach in my course (coming soon), on how to trace that energy’s beginning point.) I then saw a clear vision.

I saw from a birds eye view, it was a circle of 13 men in a big room, chanting and meditating, with clear intent to interfere with the light from all Lightworkers, especially those still young in awakening, to manipulate thought patterns, emotions, and energies, to increase the darker energies.

After talking to my daughter, seeing this confirmation, and remembering the moment when it happened to me, and seeing what happened the last few days, I asked for answers, and this is what I got from the collective of Spirit consisting of ALL the ArchAngels, Ascended Masters, LovedOnes, and Legion’s of Light.

“We (Spirit) know you as a psychic, medium, channel-er, Lightworker, Empath, Awakened Soul, and all others with you, feel you are lost, shocked, sad, and almost lied to, after the experience of your election showed the opposite, or rather, not what you thought the outcome should, could, or would have been.

Especially, when we were, with clear intent also, giving all psychics, mediums, and channel-ers, the messages that it is time for the female energy, and the energy of light and love, who will prevail for the good of ALL. Then in the perception of all awakened souls, the exact opposite happened, leaving you in such shock and disbelief.

You see, it did happen for the good of ALL and it will! We could not let on that we also wanted Trump to be chosen, and were siding with the darker energies, who have been controlling this beautiful Earth of yours for so long, for a very specific reason. If we told you, or led on that the male energy will yet again be the winning energy, (in this time and space of your NOW), when you thought it is time for the NEW energy, or that the person representing to you, “going backwards, separation, racist, sexist ect.” will be the winner, who we have chosen too, you would not have understood, and we would not have succeeded so well!

We saw with love, how you all, on final thoughts, agreed to then side with the other candidate, the female energy, who also had those behind her lying, stealing, and working against the betterment of ALL. If she was the victor, your evolution would have slowed down. We knew we must not let you know that our intent is to allow Trump’s win, although there are those who have the ability to tap into your timeline, with creativity and saw the outcome and created a cartoon to laugh about, yet we remained silent, and led you to believe that the female energy is the new energy, coming soon to materialize.

It is, and it will, but you are not there yet! You must face your divide first. Our intent is for you to see the masses who will need your love and light. Your job is to roll up your sleeves because your work has only just begun. You are EXACTLY where you are supposed to be, and it is with excitement and much joy that we witness you in your love and light, and especially to watch the darker energies, thinking they will win, or have won.

The moment your Trump saw, in disbelief too because not even he realized he will win, that he became the President of the most powerful and “intended free” country, he made a shift. His shift was when he said, “I AM good!” That was when our and your light entered, and his struggle will begin to face all that which is from the lower energies still within him too.

All of you must face these energies, each one of you, on his or her own accord, time, and space, not just by words but by action too. You can not and will not, as a collective, move into any higher energies unless you have each released the lower, in control, darker energies of your now, still within each one of you firmly ruling your beautiful Earth.

The collective cannot and will not move until all cups are empty of the old, to allow for the new. Those who have done this work. Those of you, (and there are so many of you, who already emptied out the old, to allow for the new), will have to be there for those, who must now also do it, before the NEW female energy can materialize.

This is your job as a Lightworker, an Empath, an Awakened Soul, or a Being of Light. You cannot shine your light for them or do it for them. As you had to do it with pain and by yourself, they must face it too.

You can only guide them to the same books, movies, songs, people, places, events, and spaces you were guided to. Yes, you were all lifted up when you reached critical point of mass but each must evolve individually first too before the collective can anchor in the new energy.

Make yourself known as a Being of Light, serve for love, and teach what was given to you.

Your work is far from over. This is only the beginning. Stay centered. Ground yourself in your own love and light, then be there for those who will still act out of their emotions, and child like wants and needs.

Accept them for the level that they are vibrating on. If you judge and blame them, you are like them.

There are only two energies we want you to focus on. Love vs Fear.

You choose wisely everyday. Cast your vote every second of every moment!

We are with you, even if we side with the darker energies to fool them, so your evolution can be enhanced, and you can face your mirrors. We did not lie to you. We withheld some knowledge, until the choice we wanted too, can materialize because of your free will, no matter how it was manipulated by the old.

Stay focused on LOVE, PEACE, FREEDOM, JOY, and LIGHT.

We are so proud of you. We all did well! Continue your growth. Continue your intent to co-create Heaven on Earth, no matter all you still have to face. You are certainly, one step closer!”


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