Are We Compassionate In Giving?

I am to tell this story that happened to me while at the pier renting jet skis at my summer job. I am telling you this not to offend anyone. I just wish to bring awareness. It is within the conscious awareness that we can evolve.

I was directed by the owner of the Jet Ski rentals to see the homeless man standing at the top of our stairs leading down to the pier. I looked up and saw this lone figure standing there staring blankly over the waters. He looked homeless, but calm. He had a khaki pants on with bare feet covered by “Jesus” sandals.

I saw this beautiful thick “new age” sarong around his bare shoulders, as he was not wearing a shirt, and immediately felt a connection so strong, no words could explain.

When he saw me looking up at him, he walked briskly down the hill, not the hand made stairs, but down the natural grass filled hill, towards me.

I wanted to meet him halfway but felt the energy of the owner of the Jet Ski Company, who was apprehensive, and remained seated, which stopped me in my spontaneous reaction to greet him, with an open energy approach.

Nevertheless, the complicit figure came walking down the hill towards me, talking in this very soft humble voice, I could not hear.

I felt his energy, and immediately was drawn to him and disregarded other feelings. I quickly got up, and walked towards him saying, “Wait, let me get closer to you, as I cannot hear you. I want to hear everything you have to say.”

He knelt down grabbing the rope of the fence surrounding our parameter, and in this humble voice, said again repeating himself, “Could you tell me how is it possible for me to get across the river from here. Do I have to walk all the way around, or across on a dock, or is there any another way I could possibly cross quicker?”

I looked back at the owner and said, “he wants to know how to cross the river, is there another way or…” Just then, two very young adults, a boy and a girl, came walking briskly towards us from the opposite direction. At first, I thought it was our clients, who we were waiting for, who ordered 5 jet skis; all prepared and docked, since early morning, but as of yet, were a no show.

I walked back to our table, where the umbrella was shielding us from the sun, to attend to them, knowing the visitor will wait and understand, but said to the owner before they reached us, “Are you willing to do your good dead of the day, and give him a ride on one of your 5 jet skis, you have all ready, waiting, and available?”

With a stern look he said firmly, “No!”

I felt defeated but knew, I had to let it go.

The two kids reached the owner, knelt down besides him, and whispered, so the homeless guy could not hear, but my attention was on this humble but beautiful soul, who wanted to be free. To me he was no homeless guy.

He was a free spirit, and all I longed to be… Or, at least, that was how I perceived his energy. I wanted to be just like him! I envied his guts to be that free, but yet, I saw at that moment, how quickly and forcefully, society would gang up against him, and all those who did not fit their molds, of what he should be, or look like, being homeless, making him out to be an enemy.

I looked more intently at the intruders, and recognized their shirts with the logo “Pier 7” on it. Confused I looked from them to this soft-spoken humble figure, who I longed to talk to more.

They ignored me, and continued talking to the owner, and before I could move back to the homeless guy, to talk to him, and to see if I could assist him in any way, who was still waiting patiently, in his kneeling position, just as humble as before.

The girl, as if trained, moved to him very quickly, and stretched herself in total confidence towards him, shielding me from intrusion, convincing him of something, making sure I couldn’t hear.

I could not hear their conversation, and felt even more confused. Looking from them to the two guys under the umbrella, back to the girl and the homeless guy, not realizing the swift move of control.

I heard the guy telling the owner that the homeless guy was seen the day before, and that the cops were called and arrived. This immediately explained to me, why the cop car were sprawled over three parking lots, when I arrived that morning, to a complete open parking lot, thinking annoyed, “How rude!”

Refusing eye contact with the rude cop sitting inside, while walking down the handmade stairs, towards the pier, I shrugged it off, as nothing of importance, until that moment.

The young guy from “pier 7” continued his explanation that they noticed the homeless guy disappear into the woods, to reappear when the cops were gone. He said, they were afraid he would live on the floating home on their pier, which was reserved for the dockworkers, while looking at me, saying, “He is a nice guy, I am sure, but we don’t want that kind of trouble here.” Trying to justify his point of view, after seeing my disgust.

My continued puzzled gaze, went from the two guys talking under the umbrella, to the girl talking to the “Jesus figure” at the rope, who I felt was so serene but now shielded from my interference, I thought, “How peculiar. What is the message here?”

But, yet at that moment, I was so shocked. All I could think about was how society was ganging up against a man who wanted to be free!

I knew exactly where he was coming from. I wanted to be just like him. I wanted to be free from society, yet saw the numbers, so quickly from nowhere, gang up, against a tiny thought of freedom!

In bewilderment, I watched the Jesus guy leave, the two Pier 7 employees disappear the same quick way they came, and suddenly, I felt such anger.

I said, “Why would they do this?”

The owner said, “They don’t want him to go live in the house boat which does not belong to him.

I said, “Who gives a shit! No one lives in it now! He did not look like a criminal who would just destroy. He just wanted a place to sleep for a night or two, on his travels.”

The owner said, “It is not his property, it does not belong to him, why allow him to use it?”

I said, “If you own this, and no one sleeps in it or use it, why not?”

I was aspirated, and asked. “What do you think Jesus would have done?”

I continued my rant by saying if only people would give more without a fear of what others could take form them.

I took a deep breath, and sighed.

I felt so appalled, sad, and hopeless. My heart sank.

I gasped, “My God would it be any less of you or from you, if you had it, why not give it, if you do not use it? It doesn’t mean you are giving it away for ever, it means you give it to those who need it at that time.”

At that moment, I was so discouraged at society’s believes! I even felt mad at myself for not refusing their control.

In a few seconds all was gone, and I didn’t stop it. I thought maybe I could’ve given him a ride across the river, or given him some money, when the answer came. “It is not your job, but what is your job, is to become aware, of what you are creating as a collective human race.”

So, please… Let us create a more compassionate human race!


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