A Twin Soul Big Bang Theory

Twin Souls made a promise to come into each other’s lives the moment it is most needed to wake each other up, very abruptly, especially the females, because of the female energy, which is a different energy, than the male energy.

Earth is now transitioning from the predominant male energy of survival, towards the female energy of compassion.

As in the macrocosm so in the microcosm, where all this awakening stuff is happening, in the big scheme of things, so is it happening in the smaller individual scheme of things. You going through your individual painful stuff right now, for a very specific reason, so is Earth, right now, for the exact same reason.

The love between Twin Souls are so strong and powerful that the energy on Earth is not ready for the anchoring of this forceful, powerful love, and that is why it is usually surrounded by the opposite energy too. Twin Souls are not just specific to the typical male and female gender within humans but rather the predominant energy within that human.

When Twin Souls meet, it is almost like an explosion of all the old to face the new. A Big Bang of a new creation, where all new energies materialize, never before experienced.  But, is also why, in most cases, the male prominent energy human, leaves for Spirit, within a 2 to 3 year period of coming together on Earth, with its opposite Ray.

It is because of the promise and contracts Twin Souls made, before coming to Earth, for this crucial period in Earth’s existence. Unless of course, the twins can normalize, and balance that forceful and powerful energies, combined in the external and internal, male and female, as above so below, light and dark, love and hate, all and nothing, very quickly.

In most cases, only a very small amount can release all the energies and find the peace within both. This is very important, both have to be in complete balance with both their own male and female energies within self too, to be able to then have calmness to anchor in their union, and “remembering” on Earth.

If it is not yet at all possible, and if they can’t live together or be together, due to previous contracts, circumstances, balancing of self’s male and female energies, society believes, or still have work to do separate, to serve the good of ALL, they will remain on Earth, but also remain separated, hence the evidence of the Twin Soul runners.

Because then, in most cases, the releasing of energies will be too much for the female prominent human to release all on her own. The male prominent human will then release on Earth too. Both, or at least one twin, might even deny the connection, because they have to shift to become the opposite prominent energy. This shift alone, is traumatic and painful, as the external energies, will have to be faced, forcing that being, to be the opposite of the old, to allow the new.

If Twin Souls Big Bang explosion happened, at the moment of meeting, and there are a lot of past lives issues, and current stuck energies, still to be released, within both of them, then their contract before coming to Earth, is that the male prominent human might leave Earth, while serving the female prominent human, as a guide from Spirit, to assist her in releasing for both.

We know that what is created in form, must be released in form. Nothing that was created on Earth can be released from Spirit, also known as karma. So then, her job as the female prominent energy human being, is to serve both of them, as he served by removing the survival fight energy, for the compassionate nurturing energy.

This different energy, who will have the patience, to not just overcome grief, but to search for all that is needed, to release eons of anger, guilt, shame, resentment, blame, judgement for the opposite energies of acceptance, pride, oneness, love, and peace.

This is because, remember, his prominent male energy will be to fight and survive, while the prominent energy within the female, is to find solutions within compassion. She will then for both of them, release all those old energies within and trough her, with her seeking, healing, and overcoming her grief, that will serve them both, first for them, on the smaller scale, then for Earth, in the long run, on the larger scale.

The old, of dog eat dog world energy, killing you for what you have, so I can survive, or I’m strong and you are weak, you must die, so I could live. Or, all the discrimination energies against skin, gender, beliefs, and preferences, must be released, to make space for the compassionate new female energy, of oneness for all, which the new energy, Earth is awakening towards.

One cup must empty out before another can be filled.

The female prominent energy humans, are the ones who can anchor this compassionate energy for longer periods than male prominent energy humans can. In the Twin Soul phenomenon however, the increased energies who left or stayed, are serving ALL including themselves, the most, especially those who gracefully stepped aside, and left Earth, to be less of the old energy, assisting the new energy.

In most cases, Twin Souls had many, many past lives together, only because if they are a twin, then they are two of one, that split for each, to experience as much as they can separate, in order to become one again, to evolve into anther higher dimension. They would’ve been brother and sister in many, and would only begin to be lovers or partners, when they get closer to merging to evolve as one again, within the dimensions of the school of evolution.

Just as a baby was born from two cells to grow, (a mother’s cell, and a father’s cell) to learn, and become a toddler, to a teenager, to an adult, in evolving on the smaller scale, while being on Earth, as a human being. The Twin Soul evolution, are those two cells, on a higher scale, who will become balanced adults, to then merge from two, also male and female, to be born again, as one, on a higher and different vibration, once both balanced, the male and female energies, within self first.

Think about it, just a few years ago, barely anyone heard of the term Twin Souls, Twin Flames, or Twin Ray’s. Once the Earth moved towards reaching  critical point of mass, during 12/12/12, the new energy being allowed on Earth, was sent to be awakened, all those who could assist, pulling together all twins, remembering their contracts, for a very specific reason. To evolve to a higher dimension, a higher frequency on Earth. The sad part however, is more and more of the male dominant energies, left Earth, after coming into the lives of their opposite rays, within a very short period of time. Leaving them to question the cruelty of such love and pain. Feeling lost in their grief.

It is all Divinely planned, preparing Earth for the new energy from the tiniest smallest scale, to the much larger scale of Earth’s evolution, from being a toddler to a teenager. Yes, on the larger scheme of things, Earth is only a toddler, who experienced about 7 cycles, although these cycles took roughly 4.7 billion years to complete. As current humans, we only counted to 2016, giving us a perspective to notice the possibilities of so many lifetimes, and past lives, each human had, on the most tiniest molecule, within the microcosm.

All Twin Souls, who have balanced these two energies within self first, and have the privilege to be together, who managed to balance the external and internal energies within their relationship too, will have succeeded in anchoring this new wave of energy, which Earth is striving for on the macrocosm. Yes, the beginning of these new wave relationships, of new peace, new oneness, and new happiness, where there are no more fighting to survive. Not a “better” or “more than” energy, but a different energy. A different cycle!

Being in a current relationship, and no Big Bang happened for you, it doesn’t mean you are now doomed, and need to recycle again, for a few more life cycles because you haven’t met your Twin Soul. You might be in a Twin Soul contract where both of you are releasing, exchanging, and overcoming all to balance not just within self but also within your relationship. Only you will know.

These Twin Souls, are the pioneers of the new relationships, as the Lightworkers are the new human BE-ings, who allow their light, their true birthright, to shine on the new Earth.  Out with the old and in with the new. Most now, will or might not experience the true beauty, and power of the Twin Soul relationships in form, but in the long run, maybe a hundred years from now. we will all benefit with Earth, if we can succeed in this transition. We are then, all the pioneers, who made this possibility possible.

That is why the Twin Soul phenomenon, happened on Earth with a very Big Bang, only a short few human years ago. We are transforming into the new from the old.

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