Imagine Breathing As One

Imagine Breathing As One

Imagine if you would, that the ‘matrix’ is a living breathing universe with us in it, breathing the same. Just as one human would breathe in and out.

Imagine ALL as one large ‘being’ breathing in and out, in form.

Imagine the first breath exhaled, as the birthing of existence in form, the starting point of separation, pain and suffering.

Or just call it ‘fear’ to survive.

Also call it, as science would, the expansion after which the inhale extraction must follow, celebrating birth’s evidence of same.

Imagine the inhale as the opposite of the exhale to be peace, joy and happiness.

Or just call it ‘love.’

Further imagine if each breath of one human would take a second, that the ALL-breath-of-large could also have a cycle of maybe 2,500 years?

Imagine our existence is done with the exhale, and will now experience the inhale of the opposite.

While the source of ALL exists as one — breathing, growing, learning, experiencing both — not judging, hating, killing the one by calling it wrong, evil, or bad and destroying itself.

Rather accepting, knowing ALL is one, all is as it should be to breathe, to live in form.

Imagine ALL is one.

(In special thanks to John Lennon)

~Yvonne Cloete

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