The Force Within

Quantum Energy Is a force so powerful, which is the same as the barrier between positive and negative ions wanting to collide, found in the center of a magnet.

This positive and negative power, that which give power to a small battery in the microcosm, is the same force, in the macrocosm, as the source of creation, of ALL.

A force known as magnetism, always found present in the center, forcing balance, if you choose so, of your own power.

Source, that which is ALL, is not “just” this magnetic force. This magnetic force is what is “needed” to create. Without this force, creation is not possible.

This same force that is within you, at your center, wants to maintain a balance within you, of the power you have to create (manifest). If not, and you are in a negative state, you have no power. If you are just positive, you have power but not the force to create.

Take a deeper look at this magnetic power. If you have two negatives, there is no magnetic power to create light. The same with two positives, not enough force to create light. But the two polar opposites create a magnetic energy, within the center, with such a force, that creates something out of nothing.

You also know this in your biology, that if a male and female come together, creation of a child is possible. It is not “wrong” for two negatives or two positives to have no power of creation, it just is.

The magnetism, that force which creates, must have two opposites. Two positives can have power but not enough to create another life, but the power of a negative and a positive is magnetic, is powerful. It creates another of you, from you, as you.

The strong will, strength, and determination of the male energy to survive, and the compassionate, nurturing, forgiving energy of the female, two different energies, is a magnetism so powerful anything is possible, on all levels of the matrix, from the micro to the macro, biology, science, physics etc.

Just as you learned to harness these two different energies in all areas of your existence, in your computers, your electricity, begin to harness this same energy, this same force within, in your manifestation of your reality.

What you want you are.
What you think you become. You have both energies within you!

To create (manifest) a life of freedom, use both energies. Know with enough strength, determination, and survival that you are in control. Look at yourself with enough compassion, love, and forgiveness to know all happened for you, not against you.

Then begin to create within, using the force within.

May the force be with you!

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