When Is It Ego and When Is It Soul?

How will I know when I come from my Ego or my Soul?

My answer:

Listen to yourself when you talk.

When you hear yourself say, “I think…” know it is coming from Ego, the mind, the personality, the left side of your brain, your consciousness.

When you hear yourself say, “I feel…” that is coming from the heart, your emotions, the Soul, the right side of your brain, the subconsciousness.

The logistical mind, your Ego, your personality, loves you just as much as the Soul loves you. You do not want to get rid of your Ego nor do you want to destroy the Ego. Well, you can’t. The Ego will not allow you to destroy it. It is as a part of you as you are human. The Ego formed itself since the day you were born, helping you to shape that beautiful personality of yours.

The Soul has been with you since creation. The Ego will remind you of moments you want to react from certain stimuli, you told the Ego to protect you from, using your emotions. Like when someone bullied you, you might have, with strong emotions, demanded that, “that will NEVER happen to me again!” So, your Ego listened. Each time that stimuli happens you react!

The Ego, the mind, or your personality, is connected to your consciousness. The Soul is connected to your subconsciousness but all has many layers.

When you become aware of every thought, word, or deed, like you are an observer watching from above, rather than reacting from below, then only do you live and talk from your Soul, who is above all emotions, actions, or beliefs.

When you live in a mundane world, as a prisoner within patterns, systems, habits, beliefs, almost acting like a zombie, not knowing true freedom. Well… do I have to say more? Yes, then you are living within and from the mind.

Remember, the mind has strong beliefs because it will strive to be right or wrong.

The Soul is linked to your heart, your subconsciousness but is not just your emotions. The Soul will use your emotions the same way the mind will.

Your Soul is higher than your emotions but the first step closer to getting to know your Soul because your emotions are the first step into becoming compassionate, grateful, or to “feel” loved.

The same way your mind will use your emotions, the Soul might trigger you by using your emotions.

Your heart is your middle point. Your balance.  Just as your Ego will use your emotions to get you to feel separated, lonely, lost, depressed, sad, angry, stressed etc., the opposite will get you closer to your Soul.

These opposite “feelings” will move you closer to your Soul.

When you say, “I feel,” or “I think” then that is your fist clue which side of the scale are you tipping towards.

Remember, the opposite of what drives the mind will move you closer to your Soul.

The mind is not evil or wrong. It is just the opposite of the Soul. Just as there will always be darkness, there will always be light. You cannot destroy the one or the other. Each has levels and frequencies.

Begin to become AWARE. Being consciously aware, is the first step into KNOWING.

When you KNOW, you are in your Soul. When you worry, who is right or wrong, you are in your Ego.


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