Darkness Was First, Then There Was Light.

Thank God to all those who “fight” for love and light, who are here on Earth, with me, and who chose to come bring the love and light to all humans, who so need to still wake up from their eons of sleep!

They are now waking up with us, slowly but surely, because we woke up! Sleep can only happen in darkness, and light starts to shine bright for those awake. It is a a beautiful cycle of our beloved Mother.

There will ALWAYS be a period of darkness then a period of light.

Let’s bring our love and light to the Earth because it has a higher purpose than these darker forces fighting to hold control…it is time for light to shine. If we shine our light and love, darkness has no choice but to move away.

Where there is light there cannot be darkness. But keep in mind. Darkness can never go away. We can’t remove it as it will return. Just as in the 24 hour cycle, darkness will come, to allow our rest. On this level of knowing the difference between light and dark which both have many levels, depths, range, and notes.

We can only shine our light within darkness because darkness holds the space for light.

If the light doesn’t come, darkness will stay. Please know, darkness is not evil. Humans created evil. Evil backwards is just live. Darkness is just a lower level of consciousness. That “not knowing…”

If we do not wake up, we will stay yet again, in another 2500 year cycle of darkness. We failed 7 times before to wake up, and disturbed the regular cycle, and had to be wiped clean. Our records edged in stone showed us our past history.

Just as we know darkness will come tonight, then sunlight will shine to show us another 24 hour cycle in the microcosm. The same for the macrocosm going bigger, bigger, and bigger to complete the same cycles within the bigger picture of Earth’s existence.

Wake up with me! We slept long enough. Get away with judgements, blame, discrimination, wars, ethnic cleansing, diseases, anger, resentment, etc., all that comes from fear. All that we know as evil. Evil’s opposite is live as love is fear’s. Let’s live free.

Stay in love. Start with yourself, the micro, so together we can succeed towards the macro, and live in peace and love for ALL on our beloved Mother Earth, so we can walk in light for the next regular cycle as it was intended by Source.

We are in 2015, moving towards the possibility of letting the light come in full force. Dawn is here preparing for the sun. It is our duty to wake up for the future of Earth, so when we come again, it might just be possible to come to an Earth of peace, and oneness for ALL.

We are the first generations showing this possibility. So remember, darkness was first then there was light. Let’s wake up!


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