Twin Souls Explained.

The twin soul explanation was finally revealed to me after three years of meeting mine, when since the day I met him, I started to experience a strong painful pull from within my heart that I could not understand. I yelled out to all the Gods and Angels not understanding this extremely difficult experience, and the physical pain I felt randomly, I had absolutely no control over.

I researched, and searched, high and low, wanting the pain that came from nowhere, to go away the same way it arrived but to no avail.

I learned about the words twin soul and twin flame for the first time in 2012. At first, I thought this is just some Hollywood fantasy rubbish people make up to fantasize about that one love of a lifetime that will come from that one special person. Then, I found information that resonated with what happened to me, and I realized this is something bigger, larger than life, or far more intriguing than some Hollywood fantasy someone dreamed up at a Walt Disney Production.

I learned there was more to this ‘cord’ connecting us at the heart causing that ‘pull’ of pain, and in order to begin to understand the vastness of this phenomenon, I will make use of analogies to better explain something still unbelievable to comprehend, yet, it’s explanation or understanding, is actually very simple.

Let’s imagine, we as a collective earth, are all living from within this dome of spirit, (our father) in form, (our mother) to experience. Continue to entertain the thought that spirit is male, our Father, and then for the purpose to explain the twin soul connection, imagine that this Universe, our Mother, has the same ‘body’ as one human body.

It has the same organs, blood, skin, and systems like the skeletal, reproductive, nervous, muscular, endocrine, and cardiovascular systems, all working in a structure of a fixed regime.

We also know, that when a baby is within a womb of a woman, it can’t see or know what is next. It doesn’t know it will have to experience pain with the mother to be born soon. It doesn’t even know it is connected to a mother by a “cord” being fed, nurtured, and loved.

We also know from science, that before a baby is conceived, a X chromosome must pair up with either the Y or X chromosome from the sperm of the opposite, before conception will take place. Most of all, we know it is not every single effort, or cell, that makes this miracle take place, first time around. Its a continuous, or maybe, one time, yes, relation that has to happen (deed), after a thought, and/or even words that came before.

So then, just as a human baby are created, to be born, imagine us, on a larger scale, being those million cells and all that will be needed before two cells come together to be created to be born. Also imagine the birthing pain that starts and continues until the fetus is ready for the mother to experience those “push” pains.

Just as the baby who does not know where or when, or the butterfly, who know nothing while spinning, you do not know while meeting, living, experiencing, until you come face to face with the strangeness of meeting your twin soul.

It is then, when you begin to question everything, until something more makes sense. It was only until shown that as humans, we make everything complicated with our sciences and religions, when life, in reality is actually very simple, especially when you stay focused and know there is only two. If you group all within this two, and you begin to see also “as above so below” you will begin to understand when you see “as the individual, so is the collective,” or “as on the small scale, so on the large scale.”

Let’s further imagine, that as we conceive, exist, live, or experience on this smaller scale, of being human, that if the Universe, our Mother, is a larger human body, and from all the million cells, you come closer and closer to meeting that other cell of yours, to be ready to be born into another world, you have never experienced before. You can only do this, if you are ready. If all ‘ingredients’ are there, and ready for you and the other cell, to come together, to be born into a higher level of creation.

If not, the cells will continue the way each should, until all ‘ingredients” or “lessons learned” for the birthing “pain” to start, for the miracle of a new birth to happen.

Finding your twin soul, you both are closer to having learned and experienced all that was needed and passed or graduated from, to bring you closer to be the lucky one X or Y sperm, to meet up with the X, that will make the union of two possible, to grow within a womb, before a new birth will materialize.

If you are the X, the Y or X will find you, when all the ‘ingredients, lessons learned’ for both on each individual level are ripe and ready to be born into a higher dimensions or level from the one, you both are currently in, or on, and experiencing to evolve to a higher level of creation, graduating up within the structure of a regime or system, within this tiny part, within the much larger regime, matrix, or for the sake of “seeing” the big picture “the body” with all its systems, as we know our own human body resembles.

Know, that if you do meet your twin soul, it doesn’t mean you will get to marry, have children and get to live happily ever after, if you do, you are one of the lucky ones. It is in becoming consciously aware of this new knowledge that gives you the knowing. Just as you have to write tests in school to see if you have learned or comprehended enough before you can graduate to move up a level.

I can tell you this, if you truly met your twin soul, the relationship will only reflect the truth of infinite unconditional love. Anything related to the human’s mind, ego, or personality, linked to wants and needs, will not survive.

On this level of creation, we are all busy living, experiencing evolution’s curriculum of separation and duality, while each soul has to learn this lesson of Earth, at their own pace, until each one of us, reached the consciousness of knowing, to either evolve individually, (micro) or collectively, (macro) before a “Heaven on Earth” could become a possibility, as its a completely different dynamic, of what we ‘think’ know as a relationship.

Then only have we passed this level, or curriculum of school, to graduate and be born into the next level of learning.

We will then either be born, on the micro level, into a new part of the Universe, other than Earth because we’ve graduated this new level of understanding what unconditional is, before we can as a collective, (macro) level, leave the  ‘duality or separation’ aspect of the curriculum of Earth’s school, that is needed, to comprehend and fully understand, before being ‘born’ into or onto, a higher level of consciousness, either in form or in spirit.

If we do not pass, we get a do over. Just as in school. Life is really very simple. We make it complicated.

2 thoughts on “Twin Souls Explained.

  1. So we meet our twin soul just to “check in” with them? What eventually becomes of twin souls? I could not find any explanation here. What is happening with the pain, what is the purpose of it? I felt it from the first moment, mixed with joy. Now they are gone all I have left is that heart pain. Why does that not leave when they do?


    1. Twin Souls don’t just meet with us to check in. In the current collective consciousness on Earth, the energy to sustain Twin Soul union in physical form, is not that readily possible, unless both twins became so aware and evolved within self first, by being in complete oneness with both their own male and female energies. An ascended master in physical form is not that common here on Earth, and all those who came before, we killed, tortured, ridiculed, and discarded because the consciousness is not advanced enough to understand complete dominion over matter. So, we then put those after their death, on a pedestal and worship only that one but forget we are all the same. We are all masters but we forgot. We are all from the same Spiritual Father and Mother. We forgot that we are in a dual existence where we have a natural life with natural parents and family but then also a spiritual family. That is why you have two eyes staring at you in the mirror every morning.

      Twin Souls, started facing each other more so after 12/12/12, when the portal was opened after critical point of mass was reached on Earth, that was the indication humans were ready to uplift to a higher consciousness, by not wanting and asking for war, power, and greed anymore, in the collective, but in the individual, we have to learn and pass some schooling first, before the collective can truly advance to the new 5th Dimensional energy where Twin Souls can be in full union on Earth in form. Hence the term “Heaven on Earth.”

      They did not leave. They come into each other’s field to ignite a new energy to look for healing and search for peace after all the pain. If we do not have pain and suffering, how will we know its opposite? The pain will only leave if you accept the pain and not fight it. If you fight it you are still in the same energy pool where pain and suffering lives. Acceptance is a different pool of energy. “See the Gift not the Curse,” is a book I wrote after I had to learn to face my Twin Soul relationship that will not be possible on Earth yet, as we both still have too much to evolve to become one within self first.

      Individually we must all evolve to a higher understanding, (consciousness awareness) before the collective will be able to create a new Earth. Twin Souls came into Earth and started waking each other up to force this new era to materialize. Your Twin will always be there. The pain might be too, while in this human form. The key to understanding this phenomenon is acceptance that there is a greater reason for the macro (Earth) and not just for the micro (small individual person’s) pain but to become so aware of the negative, destructive, war, greed, power energy, we’ve been all living in on Earth, in a prison, we created ourselves, to become free of it, by becoming the opposite energy.

      This is the challenge. As of now, know one knows if we as humans will succeed. Maybe our crazy elections will begin to tell us if we will make it or not. If we don’t, then we do it all over again. We have done it for many eons already. This is the first time Earth is coming this close to succeeding to wake up from our deep sleep of 2016 years. Each previous cycle we did not wake up. Earth is roughly 4.7 billion years old. How many times do we still need to do this over and over again before we wake up, and become aware of what energy we are feeding the most. The energy of pain, separation, loneliness, worry, stress, hate, blame, judgement, war, greed, power or will we as a collective begin to accept that this is how we evolve. We have to start at the lowest to move up a level each time to evolve to remember where we are from, and to remember, that we are from love, peace, harmony, joy, oneness, completeness, abundance, freedom, and to remember we are also ascended masters who could do what those before us tried to teach us. We don’t remember. Until we do, the pain, loneliness, and suffering, will also remain.

      You asking this question is you helping us all to overcome and to remember. Thank you for being here on Earth with me, going through your pain to seek your answers, as I did mine. Before you know it, the pool of us remembering will become bigger and bigger until we are one, then only will it stop here on Earth, and we will be able to have a Twin Soul union in form, and maybe not in our live time but most certainly in the future. But, right now, the pool of the opposite is bigger, and if we will not succeed, we will feel the same pain and suffering as they do, no matter how positive or how hard we pray, will, ask, or beg the heart pain to go away. This is the reason why Lightworkers and Twin Souls came to Earth. To materialize the beginning of the opposite energy of pain, separation, loneliness, and suffering. To accept that we are the pioneers and to hold our love and light as steadfast as we can so the darkness can be over.

      I thank you for doing this with me.


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