To Be Awakened.

I was asked this question: Why do we still feel alone being awakened, and as if no one understand us, where we don’t fit into any groups, systems, or norms anymore, even with our family we feel alienated?

My answer:

We need to either create a new system, that will satisfy the mind in its structural, habitual, patterns without having to work for money to pay for life. Or, we need to now learn how to live from the soul. We must learn to know our inner connectedness within a system, we now know, is not working anymore, while looking, and loving the still asleep zombies, fighting for survival of consumerism, in desperate fear of separateness from those persons, things, and possessions in the external, they have to have, to still feel and be happy!

A tall order, I know!

My advice remain: Accept and love them for being in their place and frequency within the evolution of awakening, even if they don’t do the same for you.

Teach them, with your deeds, not your words, to let go, because it is only in the letting go, to first find their own internal self, the only one they must learn to love before they will know, will truly know, what love is. This is when they will be able to find the soul within, and also get out of the mind, living for the external, neglecting the internal.

The separateness will continue first within themselves, even us, wanting to be separate from them too, thinking we don’t belong in their old systems of habits and patterns of war, power, greed, and money. It is only when we realize that we are all ONE, and we must ALL change to continue on with this human evolution of ours from loneliness to oneness.

I for one, also ask from my soul, how do we plug back in, or do we find a piece of land not owned by any government that will restrict us with their laws and regulations to separate us, the ‘awakened’ from the ‘asleep’, then are we still not just being separated?

My own answer, at this moment, is to find the balance and continue to teach and ‘awake’ with love and understanding as we were taught through letting go, and facing our fears, no matter how hard it might still seem to be separated.

Embrace being solo waiting to connect only with those who will be able to, through experience of knowing and letting go, and not through what the mind dictates from societal believes but from the Soul who KNOWS not the mind who THINKS.

Once you know the difference from your mind at work or your soul at work, you will understand when someone will ask you, “what are you going to do?” And you have to answer, “I don’t know!” Because the mind doesn’t know! The Soul knows but will not tell the mind because It knows the mind would want to analyze it, restructure it, change it because it still needs structure, routine, and habits to survive. It is only when the Soul knows, the mind will be calm and at peace, without these social structures it created, will it reveal what is next.

The true answer is to find the gift in all experiences and not the curse, while waiting to see the world awaken to create a new heaven on earth.

So, in the meantime, all you have to do is love and respect yourself, to remove yourself from environments, where the mind is in control and not the Soul. The soul will always seek for peace. The mind will want to fight for who is right and who is wrong.


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