My Love Affair with the Unknown

Since my arrival in Spain, I kept asking, over and over, why did I have to leave my family behind to come find me, here in Spain? Why may I not find “me” there with them?

The first week was heaven, as I got to spend some quality time with Yvonka and Ignacio, my daughter and my gracious host, giving me his apartment, free for three months, his Mercedes, his Spanish phone. What a gift, I kept saying, the Gods must truly love me to allow such an angel in my life, through my daughter’s love!

He showered us with a visit to Portugal, as Yvonka had to present her dissertation, showing us around, meeting his amazing family, and a tour of Segovia which included expensive dinners, lunches, and even reluctant shopping trips (where have you ever seen a man being content while women shop? I don’t care if he is a saint he still hates it…)

When they left, I loved cleaning and rearranging the small but cozy apartment in the center of Madrid to be mine. Thanking all the Gods over and over for this amazing gift of people that showed up to GIVE to me, while still asking why?

Then, after my second night being completely alone, gathering the courage to get up, do some exercise thinking, I’ll just stay inside another day and start to write, to hear the voice in my head say, “go run outside, no more staying inside.”

Then, while pouring water into a recyclable plastic bottle to drink, I thought by myself. How nice that in Spain, it is possible and safe to drink water like in South Africa, from the tap unlike in the USA. Then the answer came, “because they created America for the consumer. Those who own the Federal Reserve Bank wanted to create a “free country” for foreigners to flock too.

They knew they had to make immigration extremely difficult so that they would want it more, will need a lawyer to pay thousands of dollars to get that “American Dream.” The more who come to be plugged into a system, they can control.” I thought to myself, this couldn’t be true, and ignored the voice.

Then, after been guided still, and those who know me, know I follow that voice that guides, I was directed to a detox diet, still not knowing why, I started this diet three days ago. I barely eat, so for those who know me yet again, this must sound weird and extremely out of the ordinary. I did however, find an Alcampo, (a well-known Spanish grocery store), with a long list of fruits and vegetables. Something I would never do! But, I followed the guidance of the voice inside!

The voice continued, “You are in Spain so we could get your body detoxed from all the toxins so your hypothalamus and pituitary gland can function as it should, so we can communicate with you stronger, and you can begin to remember. People listen to you, and if we can assist one more person to get healthy, then they will not succeed. You, the people, should say no to those who’s been controlling you for so long.”

And this, is part why all the posts from me this morning, about GMOs, plastic bottles, the food we eat, as this is one of the reasons I am now sitting alone in a strange country, detoxing my body from toxins, so I could write and find me. Go find you, but start with your kitchen. Be aware of the poison we were been fed to enhance consumerism. We don’t want to re-invent the wheel, as Robin O’Brien has been saying against Monsanto, we need to re-invent the way we look at what we eat, and force those in Washington to change legislation to allow us to grow more organic, and not try to restrict us with fake laws for doing so.

Unbelievable, that a couple in Michigan were jailed for having chickens in their back yard, I posted a link on my page about this too, go watch how those politicians were scrambling, sounded like idiots, and most had to resign. Is this the free America we want? No wonder voices from other realms have to begin to speak loudly enough for us to wake up. I am grateful they chose me! So, I give you permission, call me crazy!
Oh, and if you want to know how this voice came about, I am busy writing my first book called, Find the Gift not the Curse, where I will share that amazing experience, If you care enough.


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