Very well done. Recording quality is clear, professional, background music is appropriate. Your voice is clear, strong, expresses compassion, knowing, wisdom…

Similar to guided meditations I have experienced at Hoffman, powerful. Your voice is easy to listen to. Your differentiates you from some channels who are difficult to listen to.

I felt the energy moving through me,especially in my hands, my feet, chest, heart, felt tingles. Actually felt the energy moving throughout my body.

Don White On Light Body Activation

On “See The Gift, Not The Curse,” ~ After reading this deeply personal, but beautifully written memoir by Yvonne, I found myself in tears throughout her story. So much of it resonated with me as we all are truly one. To know that our individual actions can change the collective consciousness is so uplifting to me. I thank Yvonne her mother, and Spirit from the deepest depths of my heart for helping us navigate our way back to the beginning point. A must read for all of us.

Sheila Jenkins Author of The Day Before: Eternal Bonds into the Afterlife.

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