January 16, 2013, I still remember that cold winter day when I met Yvonne in a meet-up at her warm home for the first time and my life has not remained the same since then. There is more love, light and peace. She welcomed everybody who came, it was a first for a lot of them present there. Her unconditional love, towards everyone, who comes in contact with her, works like magic in their lives.

From day one, she showed me how love can change any situation in one’s life.  She taught me the importance of forgiveness and showed me the way to it. Before meeting her, I did not, and would not forgive anybody who did me wrong.   What I liked about her initially was she walked her talk.

Meeting her, when I look back, was my divine calling. God sent her my way so I could heal from my past life traumas, yes you read it right. I was totally unaware of an unfortunate incident in one of my past lives. I always knew I was different but did not know why. But when she mentioned about this, in response to my query, it all made sense. Looking at my state, she decided to help me. She asked me to keep a journal next to my bed and write down my dreams. From that day on, she has helped me heal with dream interpretation. With every interpretation, my jaws have opened in amazement. I don’t have enough words to describe how Yvonne has helped me transform my life. I have not been the same person anymore. I have SO MUCH JOY in my heart. I LOVE MYSELF, and take care of myself.

With every meeting, she shows me a new way to appreciate ME. I was always a compassionate and a giving person, but I realized this was more because, I  wanted to complete my incomplete life by giving and taking care of everybody else, but me. Yvonne taught me how to love myself first. I am forever indebted to Yvonne.”

Rakhi H.

“I was at a point in my life where I had everything I thought I wanted, I achieved everything I set out to achieve, and yet there was this profound feeling of emptiness that I couldn’t shake.  I didn’t know how to love myself; and I definitely didn’t know how to accept love from others.  When I reached out to Yvonne, I was stuck in this pain.  For the past year, she has served as my life coach, dream interpreter, hypnotherapist, and my friend.  Through her gifted psychic abilities, she helped me understand and break down my personal emotional blocks I had between me and my kids and me and my husband.  Yvonne has a warm, selfless, nurturing presence.  When I’m around her, I feel like I’m home.  With her guidance and love, I am now out of my pain and in the light.”


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